22 Apr 2016, 9:12am
Chickens and Birds


New chick!!!!!!!!!

I left yesterday morning about eleven, and figured the three eggs were duds. I came back about two and found this little one.



I think the other two are certainly duds, but I will give them until tomorrow to hatch.  Carrie’s hens are sitting on nine eggs, or were sitting on nine eggs. I took five of them and put them under my hens.  They will hatch them and think they are theirs.  Oh, what I forgot to mention is that I had seven hens sitting on those three eggs. They look so silly all piled in together. So now there are more eggs for them, and they can all feel like mamas.

I finally finished a few of my sedum projects


I finally found time to work on these, and I am happy with the outcome.


This was an old mirror. I threw away the mirror,  made a box for behind it, put fabric on glass for the top, and I put it all together. There is plastic bird netting over the sedum, but when the sedum grows and flowers, you will not see the netting.  This box will be hung on porch, but without the netting, the sedum would fall out.  Seriously.

It looks lopsided in the photo, but it is really not.

I took a couple of frames, sprayed them, and then built boxes behind them. You can really see the netting in these, but again, that will disappear as it grows.


I am thinking that a second round of lace, a smaller lace, might look good on the inside. That would cover some of the inter-workings.


I think this is a pretty one.

If I can use picture frames, I can use Mason jars. Here are a couple already finished.


Here are two unfinished.


I am thinking that when I fill these, I will put tiny buttons of many colors in the bottom, instead of gravel. Crafty me!

A chicken note. I have six of the seven hens sitting on three eggs. If they hatch, it should be next Wednesday.  I do not know who will play the mama, but there could be an all out chicken war next week. Last night all seven were huddled in a pile, and the poor rooster was all alone in the nesting box. The mamas to be are in a corner on the floor of the coop in a bed of straw. They are so darn strange.


Two blogs in one week? Amazing!

This is sedum. It is a succulent ground cover that is my latest craft project. I bought a flat of it, and all I have to do is rip off a piece and put it in dirt. Or so I think.


I have been painting picture frames, and I will make boxes to go behind them. I will put the sedum in the boxes, and then I guess I will hang them.  sedum-frame-large

This is a photo I found on the internet. Mine will be a bit more colorful.  I have also used the sedum in some interesting ways. Remember the bird feeder Ann painted?  The birds did not get to eat out of much, because the squirrels took it over. So, I took it back using the sedum.


I used some different sized jars as planters too.

IMG_4180 IMG_4179

Clever huh?

Pippin has been very photogenic lately. He loves straw, and we often will call the scene “Pippin in the Manger.”


Now for the chickens…..Two of them are molting, and they look ridiculous. As soon as any of them get broody, I will let them have the eggs laid that day, and maybe we will have chicks again. Then we will hope the mamas do not squash them again this time. They are all laying eggs like crazy. I get five and six eggs a day right now, so anyone need eggs?

IMG_4186 IMG_4182

Now do not get use to blogs so often….it is an oddity, I am sure.

Regrets of a lazy blogger

My goal has always been to do a blog a week, which is what I use to do. I seem to be so busy in mind and life that I cannot find time to do it. I want to do this more often. It is spring, and there is so much to photograph that I cannot even make up a good excuse. We have been spending every Monday working on Possum Manor West, and we are almost finished.  No excuse, so I will say I will try each week. We shall see.

It has been 80 degrees some days, and then on Sunday night we had snow flurries. The schools in the area of PMW had two hour delays, but the main roads seemed fine. It was a beautiful drive though. The Bradford pear trees were in full bloom, the daffodils were lining the highway, and yet there was snow on the mountain tops. I tried to get a good photo, but came up with a so so one.

20160321_100918 (1)

There is a lookout near the house, and we stopped just to look how beautiful it was. I did not have my camera, so these were taken with my phone, and the header photo is one of them. This one looks like a painting, I think.


After the trauma of the dead chicks, the girls have been laying like crazy.  Get six one day, five the next, and then one or two the next. That is at least a dozen every three days.


I had a birthday, and Ann surprised me with her gift. I am not a big jewelry person, but I have always wanted an emerald. Ann did a lot of searching, and look what she gave me!

20160309_092354-2I have an emerald ring!!!!!  She hunted for something not in a raised mount setting, because she did not want me to lose an emerald or diamond in the chicken coop. lol  I love it, and I wear it at all times. It was a total surprise, and I could not be happier.

Life is good. Hope all of you are doing well and welcoming spring.


More odds and ends

I was going to put the chickie photo up, no reason to now. Poor things. Literally smothered by love.  The mamas just wanted to keep them warm, but too many of them tried to do it…at the same time. Next time, which will not be until it is warm, I will take the small nesting box out, and they can hatch on a straw bed.

Xena had her fifteen birthday on Monday. We sang Happy Birthday, but she is deaf so she did not hear. She got lots of treats and extra loving. She loves that.

Xena was poster child of the local adoption magazine when she was a puppy. We actually had already adopted her when this came out, so they must do the covers ahead of time. This is the baby picture that came with her, and we had it on our frig for years.

neneShe is a great dog.

There is a house on our street that is owned by a hoarder. He has a clothes line, but this is how he dries his clothes in the winter.


Spring keeps trying to come to the area, and then winter fights it back. We have a week ahead of mostly high sixties, so I am sure hoping winter has found the road out.  The pussy willow is in bloom, and the the daffodils are up. Waiting for my favorites, the Lily of the Valley.


My car does not go into the shop until the fifteenth. I am still angry that I have to pay the deductible for something that happened to me, not by me. But do not get me started on that. lol