More Halloween….a month or so early

I love the orange glow of the Halloween lights. I might just put them back up when the Christmas lights come down. lol

Did you notice Pam is back?!!! Very glad about that.

Now for some photos…..




Maybe I could hire myself out as a light decorator.

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Guess what time it is….

Almost Halloween…my favorite time of the year!!! Decorating for Christmas comes really, really close to the fun I have decorating for Halloween. I know that I am decorating very early, as it is not even October, but I love this time of year. I want to enjoy it a long time.



Expect more photos…hell, I have eight weeks before Halloween!!!!

Norma emailed me, and she is doing well. Pam is in a kind of rehab, getting a whole lot of physical therapy. I do not when and if she will be back on the computer. Keep both of them in your thoughts.

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Middle of the week odds and ends

First, please keep Pam in your thoughts while she is in the hospital. We need to think good thoughts for Norma also. She will be having some surgery the beginning of the week.

I am thinking I am nearing the point where I am done with Meals on Wheels. My problem is that I have such a guilt about quitting, because I am really needed. The scenery of the route is breath taking too.

I did this with the panorama setting on my phone.


We bought a new weather station, and I am really enjoying it. I did not enjoy installing it, because it has to be level. There is a circle on the top with a little bubble in it, and the bubble has to be center. The problem is that we are halfway up a mountain, and nothing here is level.


The actual station is level. I swear to it.


It looks like a boat. It measures the wind direction, wind speed, rain fall, temperature, and predicts the weather.

The inside information is displayed beautifully. Not sure what everything is, but I am sure it is important. lol Our only issue is that right now it is under the trees, so the rain has not measured. We will move it in the spring….I am not moving that thing again for a while.


Beautiful sky and clouds this evening.


I put this up on Facebook the other day, but I know not all of you are on Facebook. So, I will post it here. While I was cleaning and cutting tomatoes for the dehydrator, I looked down, and this is what I saw:


Silly cat.

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A mini road trip

I am trying to do more blogging, and more blogging means more video.

Monday, if it is not raining, I will put up our new weather station. Then we will have scientific video. Beware!

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How the South is different

Many other areas of the United States have dog and cat breeders. We just grow them.




Norma sent me update photos of Sparkle, and I thought I would add them to this blog. I cannot believe how grown Sparkle is now. Norma, how old is she now?



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