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I know it has been a few weeks since my last blog, but I do have an excuse. The hand…the hand..lol

I am very healed. It was a difficult first two weeks, but the third week was much better. Seems the nerve endings are regenerating, and at times it feels as if someone is stabbing me in the hand.

My flexibility is good. It still feels like I am gripping a marble or something, because the scar is stiff, but that will get better.

I came downstairs this morning and found this:

Most of the time, they pretend to hate each other, but they really do not.

Ann and I celebrated our second anniversary last week. We went out to dinner, and the waitress brought us this special dessert. Odd one though. Buttered popcorn ice cream. Interesting flavor, but I am not sure I would order it again.


I saw a recipe using puffed pastry and apples….two of my favorite things…it was really good. I would not roll the pastry out as thin next time, but I have no complains, nor did Ann.

Halloween lights have begun to come down. Thursday the Christmas lights can go up….I am so delighted. Ann has not been home for all of Christmas Day in ten years. We are really going to celebrate. I will certainly have things to blog about.

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It is already November and a hand adventure

I did this blog already, and it disappeared. Grrrr. I am having enough trouble typing with my hand wrapped.  I have some photos to post, and at the end I am going to post two pictures from my hand adventure. I am giving you fair warning so you can skip it them if you are faint at heart.

There will be very little text though, as I seem to back off more than I keep.


When it stops raining, if it ever stops raining, I will blow the leaves off the deck.


View up the road to Maria’s house


View from the upstairs bathroom



My hand surgery went very well, even though there ended up more to be done than expected. I had a few bad days, but Ann played nurse, and I got through it. I started physical therapy today, and will have it twice a week for three weeks. They will take out the stitches at the end of next week.  The physical therapist said it was hard to believe that the surgery had only been Thursday. He said my flexibility was very advance, considering. I just want this bulky bandage gone gone gone.





My only questions is: Why did he have to draw in purple marker all over my hand?

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More fall

I have a few photo, and then it will be a week or two before there is a new blog. Hand surgery tomorrow. If my fingers are free, I might be able to type. We shall see.

When we lay straw in the flower garden, the cats sleep in it. I think it holds the warm from the sun, when there is sun, and they like that.


Side yard view


Back yard view


More side view



It has been raining for three days, thanks to that hurricane from Texas. If we have any leaves left when the rain stops, I will attempt a few more photos.


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Find our house






Can you see it?

Here it is this afternoon.


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Fall Sunday Odds and Ends

Dianna posted this on my Facebook page, and I wanted to share it. I love it!



I had to really play internet detective to find this.  I could not transfer it from Facebook. Finally I did find it.

I am not getting many eggs, and it seems everyone’s chickens are holding back. I got these two the other day, and one of them is really an odd shape, almost pointy.


We had a raccoon issue the other morning.  It was just before dawn, and it was trying to get into my car. You can see the foot prints on the bumper. I keep the chicken feed in the back of the car….well, I use to keep it in the car.  Pippin, the ginger cat, treed the raccoon for quite a while. It came down the tree, the dogs barked, and it ran back up. Soon it casually came down, walked down the driveway, and disappeared.  I put an extra lock on the chicken coop, but I really think the coop is pretty secure. I hope so anyway.


This was taken about dawn. The lights are still on, but it was getting light out.



Carrie planted sweet potatoes, and she has had a bumper crop. I went over to get some today, and I wanted to show the size of some of them. We often will split a large sweet potato, but these are so big that they would feed a whole family.

I put the coffee cup on the rail so it would show how large the potatoes really are.




Amazing, huh?

I am going to have hand surgery on the 29th, so there will be even fewer blogs for a while. I have a tendon problem in the palm of my hand, and the ring finger on my right hand has started to curl inward. Anyone who wants to send photos or blog material while I am one handed, please do. I am sure I can upload with one hand.

Here is a photo of the frizzle chick.


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