Chickie update and a chicken video

I have to admit, one of the babies is looking really odd.  They started out looking pretty much the same, but now……odd things happening.


The mama is the one that was bald all last winter. She is beautiful now.


Hard to believe she was so sad looking last winter.

As most of you know, we are heading into a massive rain event, up to a foot of rain.  We have a galvanized bucket outside, and I have been measuring rain. Last week’s total was over four inches.

This was from Thursday night to Friday afternoon.


The heaviest rain is suppose to hit tonight, so I will get another photo in the morning.

Now on to Brando…that silly boy. When I give both Brando and Xena a large biscuit or bone, he holds on until Xena eats hers. Then he eats his.  Yesterday he held onto it for about an hour.


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Phyllis has flown the coop…..

Poor Phyllis has passed on to chickie heaven.



She had a good life. I looked back at the blog, and I Phyllis came to Possum Manor in August of 2010. She was an adult at that time, so she must have been seven or eight years old. I knew last night that she was not doing well, and I was surprised that she was still alive this morning. When I got home from work, she had passed on. She was a good mama, always sitting on the eggs first.

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Mountain State Fair

We had the day all planned, and we were going to the fair early. We had not been in a few years, and we were looking forward to seeing all the crafts and animals and food.  No chickens at the fair this year, as they are worried about the chicken flu.

So we left by ten, and we went to breakfast at our favorite local diner.  We got to the fair grounds, which are on the other side of the airport, by eleven. Opps… did not open until 3PM during the week. I looked it up, and I swear it said ten, but those were the weekend hours. Hmmm, what should we do?  We decided to go to the movies to pass the time. Drove to the theater only to find that there was nothing really showing until after one, and it was only 11:30 by then. We hung out at Barnes and Nobles for a while, and then headed over to the new outlet mall. We shopped and got a few things.  Then at two we remembered we had to pick Ann’s car up at the  shop by five…which was all the way back near the house. So we drove back, got her car, parked it in at the grocery store, and drove to the fair grounds. We arrived just after three.


No gangs allowed. Never realized it was an issue, actually.



We ate right away…..



I had funnel cake, and Ann had a hot dog. I love funnel cake, and they had all kinds. They had pumpkin, red velvet, and regular.  Toppings included chocolate or fruit or ice cream. I like them with just powdered sugar.




They have everyone covered.


Ann is waiting in line at this stand, but you have to look through the window to see her.



There was a lot of food, but we really did not eat that much. We really just walked around and looked at everything.


IMG_3695We looked at the animals, but they do not let you pet them, and that just kills me. I know they do not want disease spread from animal to animal, but they could make an exception for me.


I have always wanted a goat. These are little, and they would not take up that much room in the house.



Ok, a Brahman bull ( pronounced Brahma) would be a bit big for Possum Manor.


Soooooo cute!!!!!


Bad hair day for some.


Then we headed to the midway.


Can you see us here?



And  here?


How about here?



And here?


Also here?


And finally here?






Of course you did not see us in any of those photo, because we are not insane!  We kept our feet firmly planted on the ground.

We had a great time.


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Chickie Update

Thought you might like to see what I see each morning.  They leave the coop as if were on fire. Only difference is the babies come out now too!

They are so cute at this age. Girls…keep thinking girls.

I took this yesterday, and I could make it into a very frightening sci-fi movie.


Pam has moved into an apartment and will have internet now, so we expect to be hearing from her a lot. It has been a long time.

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Five Days Old!

The babies are doing well. They are eating cabbage already, and they follow the mama all over the place. Here are a couple of quick videos. I promise more,  and I will get some photos too.


I think that was dust in the air, actually.

Fall is coming. Look at the tree on a street near us:


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