Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first Hunger Games movie was filmed nearby, and there are places

you can visit that were used in the film. We have always talked about

visiting some of the spots, but just have never done it.   Being the

hottest  day of the year, we decided to do it yesterday. lol


First we headed to Henry River Mill Town, which is about an hour from

here. Interestingly, you drive about a half mile from the highway and

you enter a deserted old town. They have signs all over not to enter the

buildings, and we did not. They are signs all over that it is private property,

and we said too bad. lol

This is one of the scenes in the movie and then the photo we took.




Here is another photo of Katniss running behind the houses, and the next one is the one we took. Since we were still in the car, it is not the exact angle, but close enough to see that it is the same place.



The clothes line is next to an outhouse. It is not there but the outhouse is.



Pretty neat huh?

Then we went into Marion for lunch. I thought Marion was a large city, but I was sure wrong. It is an old town, but it has kept its charm. We ate at Bruce’s Fabulous Food because we read about it on Trip Advisor. We did not make the connection that he is the chef who does the cooking spots on the local news. It is a little place that is open only for lunch. I had a poor man’s Ruben, which was turkey, swiss and cole slaw. Pretty good. Ann had is special burger that was in a wrap.


I though this store was rather interesting, and the railroad track was just a good photo opportunity.




We both took half our sandwich home, so that we would have room for ice cream. There is a very old ice cream place in Marion, and we wanted to try it. They make everything there, and they have since 1954.jackfrost2


I had peppermint stick and Ann has peanut butter chocolate. This is how I eat peppermint stick ice cream.


It was a nice day trip, and we are looking forward to the next one. One of the days we have planned is to go to Cherokee and sit in the Oconaluftee River. It is very shallow and cold, and people just put their chairs in it and sit. We are also going to visit the Penland School of Crafts, which is about an hour north of here.

Our garden is coming up like crazy, and I have photos, but it would make for too long of a blog. So, I will do it as a separate blog.

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Sounds of Summer

This is what we hear at night on the mountain. My understanding is that

they are peepers. This article on them says they are spring peepers,

but we hear them in the summer. They are as loud as a million crickets,

but they have a more soothing sound.

Take a listen:

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There was a farmer had a farm eieioooooo

We have crops!!!! Oddly enough with all the rain we have had, there are areas of North Carolina under a drought watch. How I do not know. I need to do my vinegar treatment to the gravel walk again, but I cannot do it unless there is going to be a two day period without rain. If it rains, it just washes the vinegar away.It is hot here too. So hot for weeks now. Not natural at all.

Ann is painting the wooden bird feeder. She has been sanding and painting and sanding and painting.  She has the roof done now, and she will work on the base soon. It is really looking good!



We have a few melons coming, and I cannot wait to watch them grow larger.



Ann harvested the carrots. They are a special kind that grows short and wide.


One of them looked like a rabbit.


20150715_104609 There are quite a few, and we will eat every single one. I plan to make a turkey meatloaf on Sunday, and I will cook a lot of them with that. 20150715_111232 We did not get many beets, but there were enough for me to make one jar of them pickled. I usually like to wait a month or so to eat them after I pickle them, and I am really looking forward to them. Love pickled beets. Ann does not like them at all, so all the more for me!20150715_123715

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On the way and back again

And today I had a tick on my neck….ugh. Hate those buggers.

On a positive side, we went to an incredible wedding yesterday.
It was over two hours each way, drive wise, but it was so worth
it.  I do not have photos of the wedding, Ann has posted a few on
Facebook, but we did take some video. Any two hour drive is
considered a road trip to me!!!

We took a few photos too. The first is the valley outside of the gorge, and the second is the sunset coming home. It was a really nice night.



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Happy July 4th



I have a billion photos to put up here tonight, but I might not be able to do it. I have an eighty five pound dog climbing all over me. The people down the mountain are shooting off fireworks, and Brando is a mess. I do not remember him having such a reaction before.  It started with barking and it has gone to shaking and climbing.  Poor guy.  Note: it is now morning. I had to go to bed to get Brando to calm down.

He really is a sissy dog at heart. Just look at his photo:


Why is this big boy all crammed in that chair when he has a futon on the porch just feet away from him?  Pippin, the cat, was sleeping on that futon, and Brando was too afraid to make him move. Silly boy.  He made it though the night, but he was pathetic. It was like sleeping in one of those old Magic Fingers beds where you put in a quarter and the bed vibrated.

I took a lot of photos in the yard when we had a moment of non rain. By the way, it has rained every day for a week, I swear.

Our beautiful lavender did not make it through the two polar freezes last year. I bought a small one, and Ann planted it. Now it is three times the size it was when she planted it, maybe even larger. She dries it, and then I use it with my soap.


I have loved Hens and Chicks forever, but we have not had luck in keeping them though the winter. This is one of the varieties I planted…ok, Ann planted…this year. It is doing very well, and we are going to try to keep it alive through the winter again. It is also three times the size it was when planted. This has been a good year for plants.




These are melons, cantaloupes of some kind. They have started blooming, so we should see babies very soon.



On the top left are cabbages. So far they are just leaves, but I hope the little cabbage comes soon. On the right are summer squash plants, from seeds. I will probably dry them  so that we will have them all winter. 20150703_152842 Our peas are done, and we will dry these for the seeds for next year’s plants. On the far left are carrots and to their right are beets. They look good

20150703_152811Our lilies are beautiful this year.
20150703_152743 I posted a photo of this last year, but this year we have plants in the pots that really like the sun. Last year they burned up. It was hazy when I took it, but you get the idea.  This is on the outside of the front porch, just to the left of the steps.

20150703_152732 I do not know what kind of flower this is, but I think it is a great photo because it shows the rain drops on it. This is not in our yard. I took this somewhere in Asheville. 20150630_105746

These are random also. I saw them and got out of the car to take the photo. Some kind of  daisy.20150630_105729We have a lot of plans for the house this summer. We have offered our freezer and someone is picking it up tomorrow, I hope. We are going to reorganize the utility room and put a huge shelving unit in the freezer’s place.  We are going to use that deck cover stuff to paint the back deck, and then we are going to spray the chairs and table. So much more too.

Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday. At the moment, Brando is downstairs yelping as he puts his foot in his ear. He gets these ear infections, and he drives himself nuts. I am putting in medicine, and it will get better soon. In the meantime he is being dramatic. Love that dog.

Xena was not bothered by the fireworks, as she cannot hear a thing anymore.

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