Five Days Old!

The babies are doing well. They are eating cabbage already, and they follow the mama all over the place. Here are a couple of quick videos. I promise more,  and I will get some photos too.


I think that was dust in the air, actually.

Fall is coming. Look at the tree on a street near us:


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Babies are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two of the three eggs hatched yesterday. I will give the third egg a day or two more before deciding it will not hatch.  We have now Summer and Doris, both credited with being the daughters of Misty Day.  One is black and one is gray, so no clue who actually laid the eggs. But Misty Day sat on them at first, and then the unnamed hen took over setting and is being Mama. Interestingly, the only gray hen I have is the one that was without feathers all last winter.



More photos soon, as I do not want to bother them too much today. They have baby food and water, so all should be good.

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Possum Manor Produce

It has been just too hot for a garden to do a good job, but it is still plugging along.


We have squash…..



And two different kinds of melons.  I have no clue which is which, so do not ask. lol


20150819_084012They have not gotten big enough to pick. It was so hot that some of them have stayed the same size for weeks. However, this light colored one is new this week.

Our gourd plants are in bloom, so we should be getting some gourds soon.


They say each foggy morning in August represents a snow storm in the coming winter. I certainly hope that is not the case, as we have had eight foggy mornings already.


Some of the trees are already turning, and the leaves are falling off. This next photo was taken this morning in our driveway.


So, a week from today we should see a baby or two or three. The egg they kicked out has been brought back under a mother. No clue as to who the mothers actually are, as they keep changing up who is sitting on them, so anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

School started here today. So glad I have moved to a different part of my life.


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Coming soon…..

These are old photos from June of 2011, but I wanted to make an

announcement. I am letting Misty Day, my splash hen, sit on three eggs.

I have not let them hatch chicks for a long time because I hatch so many

roosters, and then I have to find people to take them. And that is not easy

because you really only want or need one rooster. So, I need you all to think

girls….chant girls…whatever you do…just bring me only girls. Odds are

against us, but stranger things have happened.

Their names, and I am only thinking of girls’ names, will be: Summer, Rainy

and Doris. Get it…..Day is their second name.  Summer Day, Rainy Day and

Doris Day.  I am so funny!!!!

So here is a stroll down memory lane.

dsc09775 dsc09774

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Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first Hunger Games movie was filmed nearby, and there are places

you can visit that were used in the film. We have always talked about

visiting some of the spots, but just have never done it.   Being the

hottest  day of the year, we decided to do it yesterday. lol


First we headed to Henry River Mill Town, which is about an hour from

here. Interestingly, you drive about a half mile from the highway and

you enter a deserted old town. They have signs all over not to enter the

buildings, and we did not. They are signs all over that it is private property,

and we said too bad. lol

This is one of the scenes in the movie and then the photo we took.




Here is another photo of Katniss running behind the houses, and the next one is the one we took. Since we were still in the car, it is not the exact angle, but close enough to see that it is the same place.



The clothes line is next to an outhouse. It is not there but the outhouse is.



Pretty neat huh?

Then we went into Marion for lunch. I thought Marion was a large city, but I was sure wrong. It is an old town, but it has kept its charm. We ate at Bruce’s Fabulous Food because we read about it on Trip Advisor. We did not make the connection that he is the chef who does the cooking spots on the local news. It is a little place that is open only for lunch. I had a poor man’s Ruben, which was turkey, swiss and cole slaw. Pretty good. Ann had is special burger that was in a wrap.


I though this store was rather interesting, and the railroad track was just a good photo opportunity.




We both took half our sandwich home, so that we would have room for ice cream. There is a very old ice cream place in Marion, and we wanted to try it. They make everything there, and they have since 1954.jackfrost2


I had peppermint stick and Ann has peanut butter chocolate. This is how I eat peppermint stick ice cream.


It was a nice day trip, and we are looking forward to the next one. One of the days we have planned is to go to Cherokee and sit in the Oconaluftee River. It is very shallow and cold, and people just put their chairs in it and sit. We are also going to visit the Penland School of Crafts, which is about an hour north of here.

Our garden is coming up like crazy, and I have photos, but it would make for too long of a blog. So, I will do it as a separate blog.

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