Our trip to Chicago

I know we have been home five days, but honestly we needed time to relax from the 1760 miles we drove in six days. Whirlwind does not even begin to describe the trip. It was wonderful, and it was a nice time with family. My niece is now a Bat Mitzvah, and we could not be more proud.

We arrived on Friday, and we got together at my sister’s for deep dish Chicago pizza.She had about twenty people. The Bat Mitzvah was the next morning. After the ceremony there was a party. It was set up so that the kids and DJ were in on end, separated by glass doors. The adults were on the other side. The kids had a burger bar, and the adults had a nice meal. A good time was had by all.

Then my sister had about twenty people back in the evening for a meal. Honestly, I never saw so much food in one weekend in my life. My sister is a gourmet cook. Give her three ingredients, and she can come up with a great meal. However, she out did herself this time. She had a roast, chicken, prosciutto with stuffed figs, a rolled egg plant dish, salads, breads, a cheese platter, and a lot of other stuff. It was amazing.

Then believe it or not, she had us back to the house the next morning for brunch. She had two egg casseroles, blueberry pancakes and waffles. I am sure there were more things there, but I was in a food fog.

We left about noon and headed to Donna’s lake house. We spend the next day with Donna, and we even went to the casino. Ann was the winner. The casino was in Metropolis, which is the home of Superman.

We had a great time, but we were sure glad to be home.

This was the strangest cloud. It was like a tube across the skyline. We drove under it, and then the weather was fine.

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Olivia’s Bat Mitzvah

Have not had a minute to post videos, but we are taking them. That will have to wait until we are home. I will put up two nice photos now though.


This is my sister and my brother in law.

We had a wonderful time, and we are now relaxing at our friend Donna’s lake house. Tomorrow we are going to Metropolis, home of Superman. We are also going to a casino. Home on Tuesday.

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And yet another chicken video

I feel as if most of you must be on vacation, as we have not heard from some of you for a while. I did take a chicken video today when I gave them yogurt.

I have news….two days before a road trip…and with a road trip is video…..stay tuned!!!!!

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A Test and an Introduction

This is the first blog I am doing with my tablet and my new Bluetooth keyboard. We are heading to Chicago, and that means…..road trip and road trip videos. I have to be able to upload photos and videos, and so far so good.

These are Carrie’s dogs. I took a few photos this morning, to use as practice.

Stella Blue

Just look at those eyes!!  Xena and Stella are in love. When they are together, they kiss constantly. When Xena’s back was better, she use to hump Stella all the time!


This is Yona (pronounced yo na), which is Cherokee or bear.  His mama was a Blue Heeler and the dad is an Australian shepherd.  He is seven weeks old, and I believe he is reading on a third grade level already.  He is mushy as can be. Just a really sweet puppy.



Cute huh?

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Odds and Ends

Xena, my worrier princess…not a typo. She has been a frightened dog most of her life, so this video is really a big deal.

This is my friend Melisse’s puppy, Levon. What a sweet boy he is.


Just a cabbage, right? Looks normal?


It is bigger than the chickens! They are a bit afraid it, actually.

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