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I drove out to the original Possum Manor yesterday to put flowers on Ann’s parents’ graves, and I stopped at the overlook to take photos. The trees have grown so much since the last time I was there. It is still so very beautiful.


It is Decoration Day this weekend, and all the graves in the tiny cemetery get decorated. Ann had to work, so I volunteered to take them out. I will not post a photo, but the flowers were beautiful.

We have a stop light on our road now. I did post it on Facebook, but I will put it here also. They are digging up part of the road to put in a new culvert, and it is on a curve. So they have these lights at each side, so no one has a head on collision.


This is within a half mile of the house, and it makes me laugh each time I am stopped by it.

I took a picture of these flowers because they looked like peppermint candy. Someone told me they were roses, but they don’t look like roses to me. They could be though. Anyone know?



I spoke with Pam and told her to at least say hi here. She still reads the blog, but she does not have full use of one of her hands yet, so it is hard for her to type. I told her to at least say hi.  She is moving to Charlotte, which is about two hours from here. She would like me to bring Brando to visit her when she moves, and I think I will do that. Xena is too old and too scared to be in the car since she thinks she is going to the vet, but Brando might just like it.

I am still looking for someone to help me with my blog. It was not finished when the guy changed the theme for me. He had some health issues, and I have not even paid him. Not that I have not tried to pay him…..I usually pay him via paypal, but he does not answer my email. So, I am now looking for someone who can do it, and I need that person to connect my blog to Facebook also.  I do have the name and number of one guy, and I call him this week. But then I am stuck. Some people charge so much, and the guy that I used was very reasonable, and believe it or not, he was in Liverpool, England.


I use “I” a lot.

Happy Memorial DayMemorial_day


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Remember Izzy?

photo (1)Izzy's Mom


In June of 2012 my silkies hatched Izzy, who is a Silver Polish chicken. He got too large and was afraid of the other other rooster. I gave him to the lady whose hen laid the egg, and he is very happily being the cock of the walk. He has about a dozen ladies, and he is so very happy.

I went to see him yesterday. Not a great photo, as he still will not stand still.

20150512_131038 (1)

Isn’t he handsome????

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Happy Mothers’ Day

It is tomorrow, but this probably will not been seen until morning


It has been beautiful here lately. We have so many flowers up in the

yard that when you drive into the driveway, the colors just bedazzle



This is Ann’s plant nursery. I know some of them are melons, but I have no clue what the others are. It will be a nice surprise.



Our peas are really coming up. They will be the first crop we get, and they should produce a whole lot!




We planted this bed just the other day. This one has three cabbage plants, edamame (soy beans), and summer squash. We put up the hoops and then bird netting, to keep the rabbits and Pippin out of it.   



We have two or three kinds of tomatoes planted also. Don’t ask me what kind. Ask Ann.





Last year this was suppose to be our corn area, but it was wrong for corn. So this year, I made the fencing strong, and we will be putting our melons in there. They will work their way out through the fence holes, and that is ok. Pippin cannot fit in.


Clematis….My mother pronounced it claymatis, but here they say clamatis. Makes me want to sing that “You say potato, I say patato” song.





This is one of my Christmas roosters. We have him now guarding the miniature iris.



We had this set up last year, but this year Ann put beautiful flowers in them. I think this is one of our most clever re-purposing item. IMG_3269


I always have a hanging impatiens, as they remind me of my mother. I have some tattooed on my leg also. IMG_3267

More clematis/clamatis….







This is our thrift…also known as phlox…it should be gone by now, but it is still looking good.IMG_3257

Hostsas…I like them because they always look so healthy. In between them I have ginger planted. It is coming up nicely, but I could not get a good photo of it.


I bought this hanging planter at Goodwill, for about a dollar. Ann sprayed it red, and then she put those little pots we painted on it with tiny plants  in them.  Sooooo cute.




So Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mothers. Oh, the bald chicken has some fluff. I am crossing my fingers that those fluff spots will turn into feathers. Today I went in, and five hens were sitting on one egg. I would let them have it but you know it would end up to be a rooster.



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Another blog in less than a week…..

Don’t get use to it. I have a few moments this morning and will not have time again for days. I will be glad when April is over, and I am not so scheduled. I am still scheduled, but not as crammed packed.

My brother came for a visit over the weekend, and we had a great time. He is easy company, as is his wife, but she did not come this time.

Dave, my brother, likes to do projects while he is here. So I had him rehang my clothes line. I have a pulley system line that reaches out into the trees, but a limb fell this winter and snapped it in half. He put it up even longer, and yesterday I hung clothes out there all day long. The sheets just took over an hour to dry, as it was very breezy.



I took the second photo from an upstairs window. I have to stand on these steps we have left from the hot tub, but the clothes just hang in the yard, way above the ground. I dropped underwear yesterday as I was putting clothes up, and I just remembered. I better get them before it rains. It is a climb down!

He also cleaned my gutters, which I kept telling him he did not have to do. He said that while he had the extension ladder (We borrowed it from Maria and Toby.)he might as well. Ann took this picture. It was taken into the sun so it is a bit faded, but you get the idea.


I worked and Monday, and Dave and Ann went to breakfast and did errands.They went to see the paint spill, but they could not find it. I will look soon. Maybe it is finally gone and so can the guilt. When she left for work, she sent me this picture. He had taken a chair off the porch and was sitting in the sun, reading.


That is not a real rooster, by the way. lol

He met me for my third tour, though I did have a complete fourth tour, and after we went to dinner. We came out and he started laughing. He said, “You can drive a trolley all over these narrow streets, but you cannot park a car!” lol Did not realize how I had parked.


We also changed out my front door lock. Part of the set was broken, so we replaced it with an electronic one. Ain’t we cool?

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Happy Birthday Ann

Today is Ann’s birthday, and I am going to make her a
special breakfast.

I apologize for the delay in blogging, but I have been so
busy this month, that I do not have time to breathe. I never
want to be this scheduled again. Too much work.

So, what has been going on? Well, I went to my first
duplicate bridge regional tournament, and I won a gold
point. It is too complicated to explain, but it is a big deal.
The tournament was in Gaitlinburg, and it is the largest
regional tournament in the US. It was overwhelming.


This is one part of one half of the room. I saw that maximum occupancy was 4,000. That is a lot of people playing duplicate bridge, and I am addicted.

I am going to a sectional tournament next Friday, and then another regional in June.

Back to Ann’s birthday. I could not post my crochet project because I was making it as a gift for Ann.



I saw that Becky had made a bag, so I tried it myself. Becky’s bag is so much tighter than mine, but I will get better as I go on. This was my first project other than an afghan I made my mother thirty years ago using only a single crochet.

My brother is coming for a visit this weekend, so I am excited. I am also cleaning. lolol

In May, I am only working Saturdays and Mondays, so this should give me some time to get some of my crafts done. We are joining a craft fair at the end of August, so I need to have quite an inventory by then…..aprons, bags, rugs, and I do not know about soap. I guess I should do soap.

Have a great day, week or month….whatever it is until my next blog!

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