Rainy Monday

For some reason, this video keeps disappearing. Hopefully you will be able to see it.

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The Littles are already reading on a third grade level!

These chicks are amazing. Yesterday they were out in the yard, but I had to gather them to put them in the coop for the night. This evening they got themselves inside themselves. One of them actually made it up the ladder into the nesting box, and the other is in the lower box, with two hens. Life is good for the Littles.

Cagney was behind the wood and inside the lower yard. The mamas were going nuts. All is well, I opened it up, and they went and got her.

I am adding this today, Monday. I went to Lowes and got some dried meal worms, which they all love most of all.

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Time for their close ups!

They are still very shy, but they posed for the photos this morning. Now I will leave them alone for a few days and let all the mamas teach them how to eat and drink and all the other stuff they teach.



Obviously one of the black hens is the mother of the first one, but I do not know about the lighter one. It could be the splash, which would be great. Other than Phyllis, she is the only light colored one.

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Chicks Day Two

Actually one is a day older than the other, and twice its size. They grow a lot in one day. This is the oldest one. Soooooo cute.


No names yet. I am going to give them female names, in the hope they are female. This one walked over and hid behind Pea. They seem to share all the mamas.


This one is barely twenty-four hours old.


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We have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not have a name, but I first want to see if the second egg hatches. No progress with it yet. Pea is acting as mother, which is funny, because she had no interest in the egg until yesterday. I had to put on work gloves to lift Pea, so that I could see the baby. She is vicious all of a sudden.

It is gray/black and tiny.



More to come, for sure!!!!!

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