It is March already

I sure hope that means spring is around the corner.

We got rid of the ice and we got hit with two more storms.
One was melted in twenty four hours, and the other took a
few days.

There is such a river flowing through the chicken yard, that
I had to put a second pallet in there, just to give them more
area of dry to stand in. I am still getting four or five eggs a
day though, so that us good.

This blog is going to jump all over the place, but it is just
how my mind works.

I keep putting photos of the rain chain, heavy with ice. It has
melted and refrozen a half dozen times this week. Here is a little
video of it melting.

I will make a confession now. After I took that video, I took a stick and hit the ice off. It was satisfying….lol

I had to look this bird up. It is a female downy woodpecker, and the males have a red top on their heads. This one looks quite young, so I am thinking it is a youth.


I posted this one on Facebook, but I love it so much, I have to do it here too. Ann took it with her phone, and then she sent it to me. He is just the cutest sleeper. Last night I woke in the middle of the night and thought my legs had gone numb or paralyzed. Brando was sound asleep, with his head on my legs, making them numb.


I have ANOTHER craft. I am making aprons from old jeans. I am going to market them as garden aprons. I actually have two places to sell them, so had better get going. I am also going to be selling the tote bags made from seed bags. I got some bags that held horse feed and some that held duck feed. They will make great bags.


It just dawned on me that I told you about the aprons last blog. Well, call me old….lol…but the photo was new.

I have been playing with forcing the flash, so expect more of these.


I love this picture. Pippin is hiding under the van, angry because he kept falling through the snow. It was actually very amusing.


Snow and more snow



The road up


The road down


I caught the squirrel jumping from the wires to the fence. It is really not clear enough to crop and enlarge. I thought it was interesting though.


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And it hits again…………

And from what I have heard, it is to hit again tomorrow. I am so done with winter.

Two strings of my outside lights snapped in half during the ice and cold spell we had last week. I ordered them from a light company on line, and one I have ordered from four times prior. They will not honor the lights because it has been 45 days and not 30. The woman told me “must be the weather.” I told her they do say “indoor outdoor.” You know this is NOT over.

I finally figured out that the water coming in the chicken yard must be a spring, so I devised a solution for them. I put in a pallet, so that they would always have a dry place to stand.

Not any good bird photos today. But I do have a photo of a new project I am making. This is a garden apron, and I will put a package of seeds in one of the pockets of each. They are made from the tops jeans, and then I use the bottoms for rugs.





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Iced in……I just might go insane

It all started Sunday evening. We made sure the bird feeders were
filled, the chickens had food, water, and scratch, one car was down
the mountain. Then Monday a beautiful snow started. We got about a
half inch, and it was really soft and light. Then all hell broke
loose. It started to sleet, and it continued for a year and a half,
or so it seemed. Tuesday morning we woke to a beautiful inch of ice
over everything. Oddly, none of it stayed on the trees. Then we got
another half inch of snow, which actually was a good thing. It gave
traction to that hellish ice.

Wednesday afternoon I ventured down the mountain wearing what we call grippers. grippers2

They really do work, and I never really slipped at all.

This is what the road looked like once I got down. I am sure it is even better today.


Todays issue is the cold.



We have taken all necessary, we hope. precautions with out water. We ran the dishwasher during the night, and we ran the washing machine when we we to bed. Our well is down the hill, and we do so worry about it freezing.

What have we done with ourselves while being held captive by the weather? We have done our spring cleaning early. We are almost done, except for the front porch. That is going to have to wait until it is at least above freezing.

I have been taking a whole lot of photos too. Here are some good ones:






Xena is getting old, and she sleeps a lot during the day. Brando is young, and he sleeps a lot during the day.


Oh I took an alien dog video of him the other day.

So that is what I have been doing. Ann is off this week, so we have had a lot of time together. The good news is, we have enjoyed the time together.

Sheila, are you stuck up top your mountain too?

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Sunday Morning Quickie….lol

I wanted to post this photo, though I did post it on Facebook
already. I really need to figure out how to link the two.

This morning I went to let the chickens out, and I was missing the
bald one. It was only five degrees, so I was worried for that
featherless hen. I looked all over, but I could not find her.
I went and got a flashlight and looked into the far corner,
under the nesting box in an area I have wired off. Well, there
she was, along with 20….yes, 20 eggs. Egg production had
really fallen in the last week, and I only have eight layers,
so that is a lot of eggs. Those buggers found a way in! I
have now blocked it up a bit better, and they are out there
trying to figure out how to get back. I do not want them to
lay there because the eggs are just too hard to reach.
Kneeling in a
chicken coop is not a nice thing, trust me.


We are actually suppose to get hit with our first snow storm of the season. I know most of you have been hit with many already, but this is the South ya know. If we do, you know there will be thousands of snow, birds in snow,chickens in snow, cats in snow photos.

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Odds and Ends and it is not even Sunday

As you have noticed, I went back to an old theme….one I like
a lot. I have been busy making those tote bags, and some other things.

The bald chicken is finally getting feathers. They are just little
points, and she is still horrible looking, but she is on her way.
Today when I went out to give them treats, the one black one ( I
still do not know names) stood at my feet to be picked up. I did
pick her up, and she chattered a bit. When I put her down, the
bald one came over and wanted to be picked up. I cannot even begin
to explain how awful she felt. All of these little points sticking
out, and she squawked the whole time. Hell, it was her idea ya know.

I think she is getting ready to lay eggs again, because look what
I got today:


They do not lay while molting, so I have to assume the small one is hers. It is like a test egg. Some call them fairy eggs, others call them fart eggs. lol

Some of you have visited me, but some of you really have no clue as to how rural I live. I passed the local community center yesterday, and thought this sign was a good summary of the area.


So aside from the bags, I got the idea from something Jan saw on line, to make aprons. Only the forty and fifty pound bags are large enough, but I did have a couple, so I tried it. Here are the two I finished today. They are very difficult to photograph.


Yes, the lace is on upside down. Actually, I did it on purpose, but then I did not like it. So after I took this picture, I removed the lace and put it on the other way.


Also on Facebook I saw a posting where you put nail polish in water, dipped a cup into it, and you would have a beautiful cup. I did this earlier today, and it worked. I found that some polish worked and some did not. Oddly, I think the cheaper polishes worked better than the OP and such.


I still have to learn how to connect the sliders above to the old blogs. I need more sliders too. I will. You know I will.

Stay warm.

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