More odds and ends

How did I ever have time to work full time? I am always on the move. No time for blogging. This must change.

I am working three more days this month, and then I do not work again until March. I have lots and lots planned. I will not be idle.

Our tree, using a flash.


Our tree, not using a flash.



I think Brando has more facial expressions than any other dog I have ever known.  My favorite is his look when he jumps on the bed, only to realize a cat got there first.


This is Hoarfrost. One time Ann and I stood in our front yard and watched it move across the mountains. It was really amazing.


A view in Haywood County. We had snow and frost in the higher elevations the other day. Keeps the roads clear and the mountains beautiful.


Good news….since my beautiful, black hen with the silver neck has become a rooster, Carrie will take him. She is in need of a silkie rooster, so this works out well for all. I will not worry that he is not being taken care of or living the good life.

Since I have Sunday off…..I promise to do my Christmas Carole blog.

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Odds and Ends

I know it is time for a new blog, so I will post a few of the photos I have been wanting to put up. This first one is the star I had painted for Ann….last Christmas. It was just finished. I love it. It is made of metal, and it was hand painted by a very talented local woman. We were going to put it on the side of the house, but we decided to put it up on the porch instead.


One of the young hens is laying. Well, sort of. This is her first egg, and it is about a quarter of the size of a normal silkie egg. I think the quarter makes it look bigger than it is. The are called fairy or fart eggs, but I call them practice eggs.


These are Carrie’s dogs…Yona (I think that is spelled incorrectly, but it means bear in Cherokee) and Stella. Stella is sticking her tongue out at me. lol


We went to get our Christmas tree on Friday. We always go to the same guy at the farmers’ market. I love that they hang them so that you can actually see their size and shape. They are so fresh that we hardly have any needles on the floor by the time we are ready to throw it away.


We had a blast of cold weather near Thanksgiving. We had rain and snow, and then it got brutally cold. Ann noticed that the water had frozen in the rain chain. Very odd.


I think it is time for me to post some Christmas/holiday songs…

Give me your favorites…..Hanukkah, Christmas, Solstice….. List them in the comments….I have an idea.

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Part Two: Anniversary Adventure

This is really part two of the part one. The real part two did not take place, but I picked up an intestinal bug, and I did not want to leave the house last Friday. So, we have postponed our day in downtown Asheville. Something to look forward to!

When I left off, we had just been to the top of Newfound Gap. Now we head into Gatlinburg.

It was cold in Gatlinburg, raw actually; and it kept spitting a combination of snow/rain/sleet, but we did not care. There are now four or more moonshine distilleries in Gatlinburg, and we hopped into each of them for a sample or two. Gives the whole body warmth, for sure. This commercial stuff is really very mild, but still has the moonshine burn. I pretended it was a glowing warmth…lol.. My favorite was the lemonade. I would actually drink that in the summer, but it is made for tourists and they want $24 for a mason jar of it. I also tried their moonshine nog, which is suppose taste like egg nog. It gagged me. The orange tasted fake. Ann went for the plain and pure…the one that blows the top of your head off.


We then headed to motion movie, which has been one of our favorites for a very long time. There are two movies, but they last only minutes each. We laugh so hard during the thing that we lose our breath.


Then we went to Pigeon Forge, which is where Dollywood is. Dolly Parton is from that area, and she has brought that town and Sevierville (her hometown) back to life. She has pumped a heck of a lot of money into the schools too. We do not frequent Dollywood, but we love Pigeon Forge. We shopped the outlets, and Ann got a new pair of shoes. I found the Crabtree and Evelyn shop, which was always one of my favorites. Dang, it has gotten expensive! Their bottles of lotion are the same size and price as moonshine! My favorite product of theirs was the Goats’ Milk lotion, but they discontinued it years ago. Found out it will be back after the first of the year. I will actually put the money out for that.

Then we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in that area.


They have other things than catfish, but we always get the catfish. I saw man with a huge plate of fried chicken livers and another with frog legs. Nope on both. Ann says I would like the chicken livers, if I gave them a try.

They bring all the sides to the table family style. White beans with turkey ham, slaw, pickles and onions, and hush puppies. We also ordered a side of corn nuggets. We took a lot of food home.


We have a full day in Asheville to look forward to. It might wait until after Christmas. We will see.

I put up the bird feeders, at least a few of them, last night. So we should be getting bird photos real soon. Chickens are fine. Oddly, though it has been so cold, they are laying. I do not think I got but a handful of eggs in October.

Peace Out.

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Day One of the Anniversary Adventure

Oh what a day we had. We left very early in the morning, and we had a very full day!

We went to breakfast in Cherokee. Great pancakes and waffles.


It was so interesting. The fog was very thick at times, and then all of a sudden we were above it, and the sun was out. It was breathtaking.



We drove further up, and we pulled off near Clingman’s Dome at NewFound Gap.




This might be my favorite video of all….

End of Part One. Actually being in Gatlinburg will follow.

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Fall is still hanging on….but winter is coming….

The colors are still beautiful, and it is almost the middle of November! Some trees are still green, but I think those leaves with drop green this year.



I spent the day yesterday winterizing the chicken coop.


I put plastic around it, and I am hoping it will keep the cold wind of them all winter. I did not put it up in the back, because the wind really does not come from that direction, as it is woods. I then put straw in the corners of the inside coop, so the drafts won’t be horrible. It is suppose to be a very cold winter.

I also put straw on a lot of the flower beds and over certain plants. We lost a lot of plants last winter, including a whole lot of lavender.

Guess who thought I put out all that straw for him?


I was taking photos on the back deck, and Brando seemed very interested in what was in the leaves, so I thought. I started filming him, and the rest is video history….

Dang dog!

Well, tomorrow is our first anniversary. We have debated for months as to what to do to celebrate. Because of the dogs, we cannot go anywhere overnight right now, so we brainstormed….

Ann planned Thursday, and I planned Friday. Tomorrow morning bright and early we are heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for Ann’s planned day. Gatlinburg is under two hours away, so that means…..road trip videos!!!!! I will not tell you now what all is planned for tomorrow, you will have to wait and see it blogged.

Friday’s events all center in downtown Asheville. It is suppose to be 42 degrees Friday, so it will be a chilly day, but I have a lot of things planned.

Stay tuned.

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