Ann’s Rain Chain and Barrel

I bought Ann the rain chain for Christmas. Her birthday is next week, so we went out yesterday and got her a rain barrel. I came home and put it together for her, and then….it started to rain!!!!


In other news….the bear is back….well, a bear is back. We took up all the bird feeders the other day, but left one suet feeder. Oops. The suet feeder was on the ground yesterday morning, ripped apart and bent. I do not think I could bend that myself, so it had to be a big ole strong bear.


No more suet feeders.

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Molting is Revolting

My poor chickens are molting. Ann thought they had the mange. Poor Fiona or Cordelia ( I can never remember) is almost bald. Misty Day is almost there, and Queenie is just beginning.  They most often do not lay while molting, but all three have gotten broody. There has been one egg in the nest each day, from some other hen, but they are all sitting on it. I took it away, as you know my luck in hatching chicks….they are always roosters.


IMG_1145 IMG_1153


How pathetic do they look?  Thankfully, they do not do this very often. The white pointy things are the new feathers.

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Cute Owl Story

This was on Facebook, and I thought I would share.

My sister and her family arrive today, so I will not be blogging until the end of the week. I have one coming up titled, “Molting is Revolting,” which includes photos of my poor bald chickens.

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Adventure behind the house

We almost never walk the property behind the dog fence. It is very difficult to get to, first of all, and we really do not have a need. Well, each spring we have the need. When we bought the property, a hoarder had lived on it in a tiny single wide trailer that had been condemned and removed. We twice paid people to walk the property and remove junk, but it is a never issue. Brando once brought us drinking glass. Well, each winter it seems the ground spits up more junk. Also the wind brings things to the area, and the dogs sneak things out of the house. Remember the blue underwear? So what did we pick up this time, inside and outside the fenced area? Tupperware, Mason jars, computer parts, pipe fittings, a speaker…yes, a speaker, and lots of paper and plastic. Oh, I also found a pick ax like this one:



This is the view of the house from just behind the fence line. The dogs have a pretty good sized area. The house looks so big from the back, but that is a dormer on the second floor, which means it is only in the back.



Lots and lots of moss. I want to do a moss garden in a jar….oh my, another craft!!!  I did not know we had so much of it. It is really beautiful.



Another view of the house from the back.



Great rotten part of a tree. Looks like something’s little home.



This color of blue is called Carolina Blue. The sky often looks like this.



More moss. This is the time of year to walk back there, because the briers are just coming up. In a month it will horrible because of them. You have to walk with a cutter of some kind, just to get through. The ticks should be coming out soon too. I am glad we went when we did.



I have family coming this weekend: My sister Diane, my niece Olivia, and my brother in law Stuart. Looking forward to it.

Hope spring is coming around for all of you. I know Jan still has a mound of snow in her driveway, and they are betting on how long it will be there. Such an amazingly hard winter we all had.

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Seems spring is really here

We have had some nice weather, followed by cool weather, but it is not winter weather. The wasps have returned, and we are anxiously awaiting the return of the hummingbirds. That should happen in the next two weeks. We have new feeders and are ready to go.

Just a sampling of what is happening here at Possum Manor….


Brando continues to be the cutest sleeper around. Poor Xena is getting old. She has a vet appointment on Tuesday to hopefully get something for her hips. She has been having some problems, and the over the counter and herbal things have stopped working. Time for some meds.



I have been making Ann garden sticks. I enjoy doing this, but sometimes I think elementary students would do a better job. From the heart…from the heart.



Just an odd bug.





There must be five times the amount of daffodils we had last year. I am not complaining.



We are trying to hang out laundry out this year, until winter. Our line only holds one good sized load, and I do love the way it looks.



This has nothing to do with spring. but I have been looking at this at Cracker Barrel for a long time. Last time we were there, we got it!



My sister and her family are coming next week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.  Have any spring photos you want to share? Send them to me.

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