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If it's winter, it must be bird photo time!

 Tuesday, January 10, 2017


We got hit with major snow last Friday night, and we have not been able to get out since.  It is suppose to go above freezing today, so me may try to get the Jeep down the mountain. We are fine, food wise, but would love to just get out. 


I hung a feeder off the clothes line this year, and the squirrels have not been able to get to it. I can take photos from the upstairs bathroom window, which makes it warmer and easier for me.  Some of these are from the front yard though, as I always have my camera handy when it is snowy and birdy. (I think I made up the use of that word)

I love this action photo. It is a tiny bird, but it is all puffed up.
Snowy nose or drug user?
This was a lucky shot. Great shot, but a lucky one
I really like this one.

I am working on a craft....denim bags. I will try to post some photos tomorrow.  I am going to try to do this blog again, like I use to do it.  


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Happy New Year

Most of you know that we lost our Brando just before Christmas. It was very fast, and it was way too soon. We are still broken hearted.  Xena is almost 16 years old, and she is not doing well, so that is sad too. 


I do not know why I have not blogged. I use to see something, and say "Oh I could put this on my blog!" and now I do not think of it. I am going to make an effort to continue this bog, but will be moving it to possummanor.org sooner or later. Will keep you posted. I actually have a second blog for today, but I am going to keep it for tomorrow to give Brando some press time. lol

   Merry Christmas

A Christmas blog is coming.....

Happy Thanksgiving

I have been told that leaving the blog with the mention of a plague, tells everyone the plague got us. lol  We are fine. 


Here is my commitment: one blog a week, with a now and then extra one. I think we are also going to take it from my name, to Possum Manor, and then we would include crafts and recipes and such. More on that when we figure everything out. Ann wants to incorporate Facebook and get a lot of readers. 


Brando wants you to see his new photo, which Ann was did something creative. 


Xena does not want to be left out. She is going to be 16 years old, and gets very confused, but she is doing fine. Love that girl.



Saturday, August 13

Some kind of plague has hit Possum Manor. I have been in the house and sick for ten days now. I did go to the doctor only to be told it was a virus. Gave me some pretty heavy duty cough medicine though, because I was, and still am, coughing until I gag or pee. I hope to get to a new blog in a day or two.  I shared the plague with Ann, who is about three days behind me in the run of this thing. 



Saturday, July 30....New videos added. Can you believe it is almost August?  Where does time go?

Road Trip!!!!


On Monday we decided to take an eight hour road trip through the high country of North Carolina. High country is the area north and east of us. It borders Kantucky at one point and Tennessee at another. Great ski country, but in the summer it is pretty quiet.  Beautiful is certainly the word for it. Because of the way the state is situated, we drove through parts of eight counties.  We stopped for lunch in Valle Crucis and ice cream in Black Mountain.


It has rained almost every single day for the last month, and Monday was no exception. 

In a normal year we have a handful of summer days that reach 90 degrees. This summer most days have been near or above 90, and it has been miserable. The humidity has been very high, and our garden is suffering. Too much rain. We picked green tomatoes yesterday in hopes they would ripen in the window, as the plants are turning yellow. The tomato plants are about five feet high, but the rain is damaging them daily. 


Today it thundered, and we lost power for a couple of hours, but no rain. Hot but no rain. 

Trip to Michigan

Ludington Light House

July 13, 2016


Seems I am not able to put a photo in the blog, write about it, and then put another. This is the only way I can do it. I think.  I have not had to learn new software for ten years, and this is coming very slowly.  


I just figured something out. I can make a new title for each posting, and I just do not call it a blog. That might work. If I can put a photo under this one, instead of always having to put it on top. I will try it now.  


I figured it out. I just do the blog in pieces, and I do not use the blog software. If I want a slide show, I can make a blog entry to do that. I upload all the photos I think I will use to the photo page, and then I can use them as I need  to use them. I just might be getting the hang of it. 

POSSUM MANOR------New and Improved

Michigan and Orioles

Jul 13, 2016
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Saturday Morning Odds and Ends

Jul 10, 2016
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I found the software for a blog!

Jul 8, 2016
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July, 8, 2016


So, have you  missed my artsy fartsy photos?  I will post a few I have recently taken, and then I will catch you all up on things. This is the underside of a dragon fly. Pretty cool. 


Couple things about this new web software....first if I edit or add to it, you will get the construction page. It takes a while to publish. This is the free software, and they do have a Plus software that costs five bucks a month, and I think I will try that out.  With the software I am using, I cannot make that damn spam code thing any bigger, and it is horribly small. I also cannot set it that I do not have to approve each of your comments each time you comment. Maybe the Plus will allow it. 


Also realized I have to put my own date in the text. Not use to that. I will go play with the Plus version. I think they give you a week free to play with it. 

Be patient, I am starting this over again

When I was hacked, I was really hacked. I have nothing left, and I am startiing over. I no longer have WordPress, into which I just plugged photos and such. To be honest, I have no idea what I am doing. 

My new car. Just playing.
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