Happy Birthday Norma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norma and I go back half a century, which does not seem possible.

We lived two blocks from each other, and she has two brothers

who are the ages of my siblings. Happy Birthday!


Not a lot going on here, except the heat. We have been

ninety degrees for a week, and that is totally unusual.

Too hot to do anything.

I have been helping a friend set up a cottage for AirBNB.

She should have it up and running by tomorrow. Well,

she better because someone one has rented it for three weeks.

I am going to be helping with reservations and such, and it will

be a new little job. As soon as it is listed on the site, I will post some photos. So really, really cute.

In the mean time I have a couple of photos that will make you smile. First is Carrie’s dog Yona, which is Cherokee for bear. He does not look like one, but it is a great name. He is wild, and nothing seems to tame him. He calms down for others, but for me he just goes nuts. Aside from Carrie, I am his favorite human, and I tried to control him once by spraying him with a water sprayer. It worked so well with Brando, that all we had to do eventually was made the noise, and he stopped in his tracks. Not Yona. Nope. He like the water. I stopped at Kmart yesterday and bought him a swimming pool.  This is the before photo:


There is no after photo because he would not come near the pool once it had water in it. Well, not totally true. I stood in it, and I coaxed him in, but he would only stand. Then he would not come near. I think he will eventually play in it. Carrie and I sat around it with our feet in though, and it was nice.

This is Carrie’s rooster. Not a great photo, but the most beautiful rooster I have ever seen. Believe it or not, he is part silkie.




And this is how Brando spends the day when it is just too hot to sleep on the front porch:




Again, Happy Birthday Norma!!!!!

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Stormy Thursday

I have been really lazy about doing blogs. I have a lot going on, but there is really no excuse, just laziness.

I have video though….

It has been really hot this last week, and there is no relief in sight. It seems to storm every day,  but it does not last long. Today was a lulu.  The wind came first, and the trees bent over quite a bit. Then it rained. Now it is sunny and hot again.


We are going to see our niece Ashton’s baby this afternoon. The baby’s name is Artemis, and is just almost four weeks old. Carrie makes baby moccasins for one of the shops in Cherokee, so we bought a special order pair with pink and white beads. I cannot imagine how Carrie does beading with such tiny little beads.

2015-06-18 14.22.37

Aren’t they amazing?  We got her a cute outfit too. I am not going to publish this blog until we get back, since I think Ashton reads the blog.

I went to visit my paint spot this morning. Cannot believe that it is still there after almost eight years.




And this is a photo Ann took out of the window while we were driving home after meeting the most beautiful baby, Artemis.


I love North Carolina!

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Hummingbird Wars Begin Again

We started with two…we now have four…lol. Last year we only

had two all summer, and then Pippin killed one of them.

They are nasty birds, and solitary ones. I read they do not

bond with any others, and just fight all the time.

I am putting up all the good ones.

This is my one winged hummer. I can see a bit of his second wing near his neck, so it is just how I photographed it.

IMG_3445 IMG_3428 IMG_3414
IMG_3407 IMG_3400I love this one. It is a titmouse, and it was just hanging out.
IMG_3351 IMG_3330

I had given up on this hanging plant. At one time there was not a single bloom, but Ann brought it back, and it is beautiful.IMG_3326

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We had a visitor today….

Not invited, that is for sure.

We saw a black snake creeping though the yard, and we were just watching it for a while. The the stupid thing crawled into one of the raised garden beds. Problem was, he went under the bird netting, and then could not get out. He panicked, and then got himself all twisted in the netting, and he got himself stuck in the many of the netting holes. What to do….what to do…

We called Carrie, because I was going to be no help standing ten feet away. She came, and she and Ann took about an hour to cut him out.

IMG_3316 IMG_3313 IMG_3311They did finally get him out, and Carrie put him in the woods. He climbed partway up a tree, and he stayed there for about an hour. I guess he had to recover, as I am sure it must have been an ordeal for him.

Black snakes are good snakes, but I just do not like snakes at all.

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Odds and Ends

I drove out to the original Possum Manor yesterday to put flowers on Ann’s parents’ graves, and I stopped at the overlook to take photos. The trees have grown so much since the last time I was there. It is still so very beautiful.


It is Decoration Day this weekend, and all the graves in the tiny cemetery get decorated. Ann had to work, so I volunteered to take them out. I will not post a photo, but the flowers were beautiful.

We have a stop light on our road now. I did post it on Facebook, but I will put it here also. They are digging up part of the road to put in a new culvert, and it is on a curve. So they have these lights at each side, so no one has a head on collision.


This is within a half mile of the house, and it makes me laugh each time I am stopped by it.

I took a picture of these flowers because they looked like peppermint candy. Someone told me they were roses, but they don’t look like roses to me. They could be though. Anyone know?



I spoke with Pam and told her to at least say hi here. She still reads the blog, but she does not have full use of one of her hands yet, so it is hard for her to type. I told her to at least say hi.  She is moving to Charlotte, which is about two hours from here. She would like me to bring Brando to visit her when she moves, and I think I will do that. Xena is too old and too scared to be in the car since she thinks she is going to the vet, but Brando might just like it.

I am still looking for someone to help me with my blog. It was not finished when the guy changed the theme for me. He had some health issues, and I have not even paid him. Not that I have not tried to pay him…..I usually pay him via paypal, but he does not answer my email. So, I am now looking for someone who can do it, and I need that person to connect my blog to Facebook also.  I do have the name and number of one guy, and I call him this week. But then I am stuck. Some people charge so much, and the guy that I used was very reasonable, and believe it or not, he was in Liverpool, England.


I use “I” a lot.

Happy Memorial DayMemorial_day


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