Blizzard of 2016 Part Three: The end of the snow

I cannot take credit for this first photo. Ann took it, through the front window.



This is my artsy fartsy photo.


This is the other rooster.


Ann shoveled a path to the chicken coop for me. The snow was higher than my boots, so this is very appreciated.


We are still stuck up the mountain, but it is beautiful.


The road up to Maria’s, untouched at this point.


The woodpeckers love this suet. We make sure it is there the whole winter.


I will have the dash cam on when I try to go down the mountain today. Should be fun!  Oh, I think the young hen is laying. I got six eggs yesterday, and I never get more than five.

Blizzard of 2016 Part Two

It is now Sunday, and the blizzard is over.  We got a foot of snow, and it is still here.  I have a bunch of end of blizzard photos, so I will do a part three to be posted tomorrow.

We kept the lights on because that line is connected to the chicken coop, and I wanted their water not to freeze.



We had hundreds of birds, no exaggeration.  I threw cracked corn to them about every hour, and they ate it all up.


Blizzard cardinals




This is the during. I will post one of him at the end of the snow.


I am so glad I took the time to put plastic around the coop. It kept the harsh wind off of them, making the inside warmer. They have snow in the outdoor section, but not as much as they would if the plastic was not there.


Mid day on Friday we had six inches, but it was double by the time it was over.


We were prepared, and we were very lucky we did not lose power.  I actually enjoyed it, but it can now go away. I am done with snow for a while.

22 Jan 2016, 7:23am


Blizzard of 2016 Part One

It is started. We were up hours ago, and it is not even light out yet. I am sure there are naps in our futures.

It began as rain last night, and now we have probably five inches a snow. The prediction is 12-18 inches by Sunday. We shall see.

I tried to get some photos while it was dark, but the only good one is of the thunder dome, with the Bliss lights. It truly is magical.


I will take photos during the day and post them. I do love snow.

Sunday Odds and Ends

Cannot believe this winter has been so mild here in North Carolina. This morning we got our first real snow….a dusting. It is pretty, but it will be gone by this afternoon.20160117_073634

The rooster I had to re-home is doing very well, and he has a favorite hen. The woman lets them free range when she around, so he will be very happy. Sadly, the hen hatched the same day is now very lonely. She will adjust.


I posted this next one on Facebook, but I will post it here anyway. Ann took it when she got up the other morning, and I think it is funny. Pippin has decided that he has to sleep with us. In the summer he sleeps outside somewhere, but in the winter or the rain, he comes in. His new favorite spot is the top of my head. It is fine unless he decides it is time for him to clean himself, and that moves my head back and forth. Right now he is on my desk to my left. He keeps grabbing my hand, and he wants attention, and if I ignore him, he starts knocking things off the desk, one at a time.



We bought a bread machine at Goodwill for five dollars. I am now mastering bread. I am looking for a nice light wheat, but sure do love the white bread it makes. I have also made a cheese and whole grain mustard, but we have not tried it yet. We use bread in spurts. Some weeks we do not use it at all.

Hope everyone is well. There is a nasty virus going around here.

The Bird Feeders of Possum Manor

I love watching the birds, and I like photographing them too.  Sometimes they empty these things in a day, sometimes it takes a few days. This one holds the most seed, and it is the one the squirrels like too. This pole is slanting because of their weight.

IMG_3882 IMG_3883

Ann bought me the Thunder Dome for Christmas last year. It protects the little birds from the bully bigger ones.


This is the suet the woodpeckers really like. I buy orange suet for them, as they seem to like it most.  This morning I saw a squirrel dragging something down the driveway. It looked like a piece of wood about the size of a slice of bread. He had trouble dragging it, and he would stop periodically and eat, then drag it more.  He left it halfway down the driveway, and when I went to see what it was… was this suet. The bugger got it out and was taking it home to the wife and family. IMG_3885

This is our second suet feeder. I saw some of the smaller birds on it today, but I have yet to see a woodpecker this year.


I love the sunflower feeder. My sister in law, Debbie, bought this for us. We keep it up all summer, even though we do not fill it, because it looks so nice hanging on the porch.


This one is so cute. I really looks like a tire swing. I have not seen a bird on it yet, but I know they have eaten from it, as was empty yesterday.


When the sun shines through this purple feeder, it is really beautiful. The lantern feeder behind it is not used a feeder any longer. It has a solar light in it, and I glittered the inside, so it shines sparkly at night.


We got this one from Ann’s brother and sister in law when they moved. I love it, but we have never used it as a feeder. We just have it hung on the porch.




We love the cabin feeder, but the birds do not. They have never eaten from it, so we hang it empty now.


Remember the feeder Ann is redoing? It is almost done, and will be placed here.



She needs to water proof it, and it will be ready to be put out and filled. I love the colors.


I took a chicken video yesterday morning when I let them out. They come out running for a treat.