Now the unnamed chickens….and a flowering tree

I am putting the name Fiona on the bald one, from this point forward. So, I have introduced Jax, Fiona, Pea, Phyllis, Misty Day and Queenie. That leaves three. Two that look very much alike, and a gray one. I will call the black ones the Laceys. The gray one is Cagney.

So this is Cagney. I think she came from Maria also. She is a peace keeper, but she gets in there when the treats are coming.


Two look just like this, so these are the Laceys. One of the Laceys spends most of her life being broody, but I do not think she is laying any longer.
She just spends her time remembering.


One of the last sets to be hatched turned into a rooster. He is living at Carrie’s now, and he is beautiful. I will have to get a photo. He is totally black except for his neck, which is silver from his shoulders to his ears.

It is spring finally, but we are suppose to get snow flurries on Friday night into Saturday. Of course I am driving a trolley on Saturday, and it is suppose to get all the way to 42. We changed out our winter clothes for our summer ones, and I will have to dig out some wool socks to wear. My feet get so cold on that trolley on a cold day.

We have this peach tree that produces three peaches a year, and the birds usually beat me to them. It is a volunteer, meaning it just grew there; we did not plant it. It is flowering right now. If the number of flowers means the number of peaches, we might have a bumper crop this year….four. I just looked up the reason large crops are called bumper crops.

Note: I just realized I had forgotten to put up the photo…duh.

I think I will do bios of the dogs and cats next. They all have interesting stories, but I will have to dig up some photos on that.

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The Day of Phyllis

Phyllis used to be a competition chicken. She was bathed almost weekly, and she supposedly enjoyed being blown dry. This is a totally different life for her. She now has a poop butt, and she only gets bathed when that butt gets too nasty. She does like sitting in a bowl of warm water, though. Maybe I should regularly schedule a spa day for her.

The day I took that photo, she refused to be inside the coop with me. When we had all the ice a few weeks ago, I watched her slide down the hill in the outside coop. It was actually funny. Obviously, she made it back up or I would have gone out and helped her.


Phyllis has never liked me near her, but when I pick her up she is ok with it. She is a good mama, and she is the one who mothers the new babies, but obviously she has never mothered one of her own eggs. I am told that in chickens, white is the dominate color. That means a white hen and any other color chicken would produce a white chick. We have never had one. We usually get black or buff.

When Phyllis decides she wants to be broody and sit in the nest, she will growl and hiss at me when I lift her to take her egg or whatever egg she is sitting on.

I did not name her. Phyllis was her name when I got her as an adult, and I did not want to mess with her head.

The next one I actually know the name of is Misty Day. We took that name from a television show, and it was a character who was infatuated with Stevie Nicks. Misty Day is a splash. She is grayish white with splashes of black. She is extra fluffy, and I got her from Maria, up the hill. She is a good layer, but not so good at the setting. When treats are thrown, she is one of the first to come running.



This is Queenie. She is part frizzle, which makes the feather crumpled looking. From what I understand, you cannot mate a frizzle with a frizzle because it is technically a birth defect. The chick, if it lived, would be very weak boned, and it would be a cruel thing to do.

As you can see, Queenie is beginning to molt. Queenie came from Maria also.


Note: Norma, without your detective work, I would not know the names of my own chickens. I do really appreciate it.

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Meet the flock

I am a terrible chicken mother. I do not know the names of
all the chickens, so I will introduce you to the ones with
names first. Then maybe you can help me remember the names.

First is Jax, named after the main character in Sons of
Anarchy. He is the son of our late Cecil, who was the best
rooster in the world. Cecil was fatally injured protecting
his women from raccoon. We buried his wing. It was not a pretty
site. Anyway, we had given someone four of our silkie eggs,
and three of them hatched. All was well until one of them
turned into a rooster. That flock was living in Asheville city
limits, and the city allows hens but not roosters. So, the timing was
right, and Jax came to back to the site of his lay. Hahahaha


Looks as if he is doing a bit of molting around the neck. Roosters are interesting. When I throw food into the coop, he clucks and the girls come running. I have never seen him eat first. He always lets the girls eat before he does. He is quite the lady’s man too. Chicken sex last for just a few seconds, and before he jumps his ladies, he dances around them. It is cute to watch.

Pea is next. If you remember, Pea is one half of a twin set. It was Peanut Butter and Jelly. We lost one of the set in the raccoon attack, and I did not know which one (Again a terrible chicken mother) so I just call this one Pea. Pea is the nastiest chicken I have. She picks on the other. But she is ok with me. She better be.


Now for my bald girl. I don’t remember her name. I think she is a fuzzy gray hen, but right now who could tell? She is feisty, and one of my favorites. I fed them ground beef this winter, just because I thought she needed more protein to grow her feathers. It has been three months, and still no feathers, but I can see little points coming out, so I am hoping it will be soon. When it was really cold, she would burrow under the wings of the other hens for warmth. I love silkies because they are so sweet to each other….most of the time.


More next time. I drove the trolley for the first time this season, and I am pooped. My butt is sore from the horrible seats. I had nice people though, so that is a good thing.

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It is March already

I sure hope that means spring is around the corner.

We got rid of the ice and we got hit with two more storms.
One was melted in twenty four hours, and the other took a
few days.

There is such a river flowing through the chicken yard, that
I had to put a second pallet in there, just to give them more
area of dry to stand in. I am still getting four or five eggs a
day though, so that us good.

This blog is going to jump all over the place, but it is just
how my mind works.

I keep putting photos of the rain chain, heavy with ice. It has
melted and refrozen a half dozen times this week. Here is a little
video of it melting.

I will make a confession now. After I took that video, I took a stick and hit the ice off. It was satisfying….lol

I had to look this bird up. It is a female downy woodpecker, and the males have a red top on their heads. This one looks quite young, so I am thinking it is a youth.


I posted this one on Facebook, but I love it so much, I have to do it here too. Ann took it with her phone, and then she sent it to me. He is just the cutest sleeper. Last night I woke in the middle of the night and thought my legs had gone numb or paralyzed. Brando was sound asleep, with his head on my legs, making them numb.


I have ANOTHER craft. I am making aprons from old jeans. I am going to market them as garden aprons. I actually have two places to sell them, so had better get going. I am also going to be selling the tote bags made from seed bags. I got some bags that held horse feed and some that held duck feed. They will make great bags.


It just dawned on me that I told you about the aprons last blog. Well, call me old….lol…but the photo was new.

I have been playing with forcing the flash, so expect more of these.


I love this picture. Pippin is hiding under the van, angry because he kept falling through the snow. It was actually very amusing.


Snow and more snow



The road up


The road down


I caught the squirrel jumping from the wires to the fence. It is really not clear enough to crop and enlarge. I thought it was interesting though.


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And it hits again…………

And from what I have heard, it is to hit again tomorrow. I am so done with winter.

Two strings of my outside lights snapped in half during the ice and cold spell we had last week. I ordered them from a light company on line, and one I have ordered from four times prior. They will not honor the lights because it has been 45 days and not 30. The woman told me “must be the weather.” I told her they do say “indoor outdoor.” You know this is NOT over.

I finally figured out that the water coming in the chicken yard must be a spring, so I devised a solution for them. I put in a pallet, so that they would always have a dry place to stand.

Not any good bird photos today. But I do have a photo of a new project I am making. This is a garden apron, and I will put a package of seeds in one of the pockets of each. They are made from the tops jeans, and then I use the bottoms for rugs.





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