19 Aug 2007, 12:40pm


We have rooms, sort of!

The stud walls are up! They are not finished yet, but they are up. Most of the rooms do not have doorways, but they are up!!!! I think this house is going to change daily now. If all things fall into place, we will move in mid or early October. I cannot wait!

This is the upstairs bathroom. It will have a door on it, hopefully! We are going to do something different with it.  We are  not going to put  put a ceiling on it. We are going to put a ledge on the top and have plants on the perimeter.


The laundry room is on the left. Again, there is no door, but hopefully there will be. This will also be a half bath. Ann is turning part of it into a green house too. You can see the bathtub in the back. That is the bathroom, with a door off the bedroom.


This is the closet for the downstairs bedroom. The back of it butts up to the wall in the laundry/half bath room. The bathroom with the tub is just to its right.


I am taking this picture from the dining room. The kitchen will be right in front; the wall will have the frig and stove and such on it. Behind the wall, with the two chairs, is the downstairs bedroom.  To the left you can see where the bathroom will be because you can see the tub.


This is the upstairs closet, which presents us with a challenge on how to put the rod for the clothes. We will figure it out, I hope.


I thought I would take a closeup of the shingles. The roof is not done, so a picture of the whole thing does not look so great, but the shingles are beautiful!


The more I see, The more I love it!

Come out next weekend, and I will take you out there to see it.

We can on Saturday the 25th. Sunday(26th) we are going to see Mom. Let me know what time.


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