27 Apr 2008, 6:14am

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Planting grass seed in the rain….

That is exactly what I will be doing this afternoon. We have a side section to do, and I should have the time to do it. It is going to rain most of the day, so I will get wet. I think we were taken with those flower seed rolls, After two weeks we have only one or two plants peeking out. It should be hundreds. I went back and read the reviews just now, and I guess I have to be patient. Hahahahahaha me patient??!! Anyway, today I am going to Home Depot with my birthday gift card and buy pansies….lots of pansies.

The porch floor is almost finished. They said they will be back Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and will have the floor, railings and gate done by the end of Saturday. Then the next Saturday they will do the roof.

The stairs will be off each side, they just fit there right now. My blue rain barrel will be on the other side of the house, away from sight.

I am spray painting the wicker furniture that will be on the front porch. It is not a difficult job, but oddly messy. I even bought one of those trigger thingies for the can, so that you don’t get a cramped finger. It really only works when you are spraying straight forward.

Messy, messy, messy.

I will get something to take that paint off when I am at Home Depot. I really do not have much to wear with that color green.

Our hot tub is still having issues. The water is clear, which is a good thing. The hot tub place wants us to wait until Monday to do anything else to it. They had us put certain things in on Friday, and they want it to adjust. I like these people because they are not tying to sell me something every time I walk in the door. Once we get the water back, it should stay that way.

As you can see we have lots of foam. We are getting leaves on the trees too!!!!

I did a clever thing (I think I am so darn clever some times!!) with a few photos I took of Pippin yesterday afternoon. It took him no time at all to find those front porch chair cushions.
It is a silent movie, at Pippin’s request.

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