29 Mar 2009, 8:20am


OH MY, the sun is finally out…and Becky I need your advice

After days and days of rain, the sun is out!!!!   It was raining so hard last night that I could hear it on the roof. Today, however, it is sunny. Ever read the Ray Bradbury short story “A Summer in a Day?” It takes place on Venus where it stops raining for two hours every seven years. I think I was living that story last week. I need to make sure I get out there today, just in case the sun goes away again.

Ok Becky, this is where I need your help. This is my first rug. The colors are off a bit in this picture; they are green and rust, not orange. I did not learn about tension until late in the rug’s construction, and now it will not lay flat. I can use it as a seat cover to keep the dog dirt off the recliner, but I was wondering if I washed it and then blocked it to dry it, would it lay flat?   I will be much better at the next one, as I have now learned that for the first half of the rug you add on at every stitch; second half you add on every other stitch.  You know so much more about fabric and stitching than I will ever know. What do you think?

good job on the rug, you finished that quickly.

Ok…a couple of days ago I read a page on how to make these rugs…I thought they looked very interesting and I always wanted to learn to do it. Turns out I already know the knot used to make them… it is the same knot used to make friendship bracelets…well, it’s half the knot used to make the friendship bracelets. LOL

Anyway, the page I read addressed the curling of a rug. The easiest solution is the same thing I would use for something round or oval I am crocheting. When I am crocheting something round/oval:
In the second round/row around, I place 2 stitches in each space around
3rd row I place 2 stitches in every other
4th round 2 sts in every 3rd
5th round 2 sts in every 4th
use a spare piece of fabric in a contrasting color to make the beginning of each round. I know it goes in a spiral, so you mark the stitch of the preceding row where the round technically begins.

I know you didn’t want to count anything but if you want it to lay flat, you will have to.

You could take your chances, knot very loosely and then wet it and stretch it once you are done but you would have to do this every time it got wet and it’s not guaranteed.

I will look up some sites and see if I can get you some videos or better instructions to show you what I am talking about.

Btw: I think you did a very good job on your rug. And yes, I think if you wet it and block it that it would lay flat enough for what you want.

This ends up to be perfect for one of those chairs that looks like a half circle. lol I will try to block it, but I might just put it in the seat of the recliner.

I did find a place on line that said put two stitches in each stitch for the first half of the size you want and then in every other . I figured it our at the end and could tell when I needed to add a stitch by the angle of my strips. I am doing the second one now, with multicolored strips, and I am doing it very tight. We shall see. I like doing this but all that work for what looks like a woven cone.


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