25 Apr 2010, 7:13am


Stormy Sunday Morning

Phew!  It was really bad this morning. When Ann left at 4:30, it was lightening, thundering, raining, and warning of tornadoes. I got up to keep watch. It ended around seven, and Ann arrived to work safely. The sun is coming out now, and it smells really nice outside.

I have the front door open, and the dogs like to be on the front porch. Xena claims to detest the cats. I think she is bluffing. What do you think?

They say “madder than a wet hen,” but I don’t understand that. I put the tarps on the sides of the coop last night, knowing the storm was coming. They still got wet, but I really do not think they care. Butter Bean had a shower this morning. By the way, so did I.

It is really difficult to get a good picture of the baby. She runs all around until I walk in there with a camera.

Pippin wants in the coop so badly when I am in there, but I cannot trust him.

I think Xena like Pippin. I think it is a game that they play. When I had my cats, I have a dog who did not like them, so I thought. When once in a while, the cats when tease her and she would chase them. It was there way of playing. Just like in your picture.

Wet chickens – hmmmmm…. Either this is how they get their baths or really got caught in the rain. In either case, I think they look sooooooo bad when wet. It is kind of funny to see them wet.

Does the baby have some white around her neck? It looks like it in the pictures. Will she get darker? Pictures make her look almost gray in color.

They baby is gray with with underneath. The last baby was black from the beginning, so I am thinking this one will stay gray.

Sometimes the cats come to Xena and she cleans their ears, so I know deep down she likes them.

Great pics! How cute the cats go to xena and get their ears cleaned.

Love the spikey ‘do on ButterBean!

we got the house shaking thunder and stuff this morning- it was almost scary. I mean it’s bad enough when it’s loud enough to wake me, but the house was vibrating.

Jack is doing well in dog school- he only tried to bite the instructor once so far. It’s actually a very interesting class. The lady was trying to show Jack the “drop it” thing…she’d give him a piece of rawhide or something and then make him drop it and give him a really good treat. Pretty soon he was like, “lady, just gimme the good stuff”. I told her that he preferred sofa cushions or my tee shirts to rawhide, but she wasn’t listening. Then Patti got put in detention because she could not make Jack “wait” at the door. The star of the class is a little wire haired dachshund named Rufus.

i looked up madder than a wet hen…

madder than a wet hen. This American expression, which possibly originated in the Appalachian Mountains, refers to the tempestuous temper of chickens that might accidentally find themselves in water. According to some accounts, chickens get extremely angry if they have to try to swim or fly out of water, since they do neither of these things well. Don’t expect your pet chicken to be anything but furious if you propose a trip to the lake or a visit to a nearby swimming pool.

seems to have little to do with rain or actually being wet.


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