26 Aug 2010, 6:22pm


Phyllis is here!!!!

Phyllis is a white silkie chicken, and she is so sweet. I can pet her and pick her up, but the others are really giving her a hard time tonight. I hope this gets better for her. She is a beauty.

I took a few videos of her arrival, but I cannot put them all up. While I was taking one of them, I bent over and did the tiniest of farts. lol Ann says no one would notice, but I remember a hot tub video where eagle eyes found you know what. lol Could be that one of you has eagle ears too.

I have been out to the coop many times since that last video, and each time Phyllis is in a different area of the coop. At first she was cowering under the nesting boxes. Then she was had put herself in between the fencing and a piece of wood. Then she was pecking around next to the house. So, she is getting more comfortable.

WOW!!! She is pretty. Looks so soft and cuddle. Wish I could hold her. Maybe you need to sleep outside with her to make sure she makes it though the night and is not lonely. lol

I am going out with a flashlight right now. She is sooooo soft.

I just went out to check, and she is cuddled with the others, in the house. I think she will be just fine.

she is really pretty.
is it okay if Butter Bean is still my favorite, though?
as for the fart, if you hadn’t apologized for it i would not have figured it out.

Well, I figured I had exposed myself once, I could not do it again.

Yes, Butter Bean can still be your favorite. She is the feistiest of all of them and pushes them out of the way so she can eat what they are eating. She is one of the broody hens right now. Sits and sits on nothing. I should let them hatch another, but I do not need anymore.

So how is Phyllis this morning?

She was still in the house with the two hens who refuse to admit they are sitting on NOTHING. I made them all get out and she was eating and drinking, but they were still picking on her. I think she will be fine. I think they are all jealous of how clean she is.

Phyllis is BEAUTIFUL and I can tell you are very excited that she is there! As for the fart video, I agree with Pam I doubt we woulld even notice because Phyllis is so pretty and we all promise not to listen, lol. Sooooo, you could put that video up too, we won’t laugh, lol.

c’mon, Dianna, we’ll listen. And we’ll comment. And we’ll chuckle.

Oh yes you will.

So, they might be jealous because she is so pretty. Not to mention clean. Wonder how she will stay so white. Is she doing better tonight?

lol, ok, your right, we will listen and we will comment and we will chuckle, so does that mean no video?!? Just sayin’. Pam I LOVE that phrase.

OK, where are the new picture if Phyllis and the video you promise? Its been 3 days and no pictures. Not to mention it is the weekend. What’s up?????????

oh, my gawd, i come to nag and finc i have been beaten to it.
good job, Norma!


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