27 Dec 2010, 9:46am


Still Snowed In…..help is on the way

The plow we hired should be here in an hour or so. We spoke to him yesterday, and it did not matter if he waited until today. Probably was a better decision too, considering we had more snow over night.

I will attempt to post all of this stuff in order, but there has been eggnog and brandy, and I might not be able to remember it all.

Christmas Night

The next morning:

Those are not ghostly orbs, but snow hitting the lens. After I took this photo, I had to unplug the lights and plug in the electric waterer, so that the chickens would have water. I am thinking of putting up white lights after the holiday. Chickens like it festive too. They would really like me to take that tarp off, and I will as soon as it stops blowing. They have the whole left side open, so they are not totally cooped.  hahahahaah I made a joke!

Little bird foot prints on the front porch. I think I must scatter some chicken feed when I fill their containers. That made me wonder if the birds would eat scratch grains for the chickens. I am going to put some in the feeder as soon as I am finished with the blog.

I think Pippin has been into my eggnog. His favorite gift was the box the plastic storage ware was in. It is on the dining room table, and he has been in and out of it for days now.

I have no pride. No shame. I allowed Ann to take this photo of me heading out to feed the chickens today. It was before 8AM, and I bundled up. I fed them warm oatmeal, which they love. Notice Xena’s artwork on the left of me?

As I type this, Brando is sleeping on the bed. I covered him an hour ago. I guess he likes it.

He sleeps so much. Ann says that is the hound in him, the lazy hound.

The plow guy should be here soon. I will certainly document our flight to freedom.

Update:  Plower just called. His track hoe is stuck in the snow. This is not a good sign, lol

UpUpdate:  We will not be plowed out until tomorrow. I am almost out of brandy for the eggnog. And I am almost out of eggnog for the brandy.

I forgot I had taken these. I like to call them Squirrels at Play in a Snow Storm.

did you know that “in nature”, which is actually a ridiculous thing to say about dogs since they haven’t been natural for generations- dogs sleep about 85% of their lives? And in our homes they sleep about 85% of their lives.The way we determine “energy levels” has a lot more to do with how they spend their time awake than how much they are awake. Brando may be a little spoiled- in general i don’t cover my dogs up (they know how to do it themselves). Okay, i DO put their little hoodies on them.

I got to tell you- i am glad you have no shame. That picture of you headed out to feed the chickens is awesome. It reminded me of the old days when your mom would bundle you up. You remember those days? you couldn’t bend your knees and your arms stuck straight out because there were so many clothes- and a string on your damn mittens that was usually too short. And then by the time you’re all bundled up it’s like- ooops, gotta go to the bathroom.

hope y’all are enjoying your snow days.

Glad to see Phyllis out. She may not always want to come out because she found a nice warm spot to stay. She might be afraid that if she leaves it, one of the others might take her spot.

We did not get much snow Christmas Day and after. Guess you are getting what Michigan normally would get. New Year’s day they are saying it is suppose to rain and be 40-50 degrees. Guess we are having the weather you were suppose to have.

I like the picture of Pippin in the box. My cats always like boxes and paper bags. Something about hiding in them. Just think, it is a cheap bed for him. lol

Stay warm. I will keep watching for more videos.

10:14 AM Still no sign of the plow. I am getting annoyed. I am also getting cabin fever. I have errands to run.

Thanks for the videos, always love ’em. Glad you could put your pride aside because that picture of you is PRICELESS! You look very warm and that’s all that counts when taking care of the chickies. Norma, I’m glad to see Phyllis out too. But maybe she does have the right idea, maybe it’s warmer under there, who knows. I really love the pictures of the squirrels playing tag, very cute and so is Pippin in the box and Brando is Brando always cute. I know this is too much information but I just got over the 24 hour bug and I am glad to be sitting here enjoying the blog and responding to it. Kathie hope you got out so your cabin fever didn’t get too bad, have you been rescued yet?!?


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