14 Nov 2011, 9:08pm
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A bit of winter humor

Ann and I have this running joke. Whenever it is really cold we say, “This isn’t cold. Why, when I was a child in Michigan, we hoped it would be this warm for our July 4th picnic.” Or “Ten feet of snow? We only hoped the weather in Michigan would be this nice for (insert summer holiday).” We think we are soooo funny.

you know, if i went door to door in my neighborhood i bet six of the people whose doors i knocked on would have never even SEEN snow- and the other four would be from New York- they would not answer questions about snow, they would say “get the f*** off my porch”. My warmest “coat” is a flannel lined denim jacket.

Oddly my car was one of the first ever models with heated seats- which can be amusing here if you want to crank them up and fry someone’s ass- but otherwise they’re useless.

so, i get it- y’all are hardier and more tolerant of the elements than i am. Y’all can stand the cold, and endure physical stresses that i maybe cannot. Why you would want to is beyond me.

i remember my first year in college (which was probably before Becky was born) when we had to jump out dorm windows to clear the doors- the snow was that deep. I remember parking at the bottom of the hill and walking up because there was no way the car would make it. I remember sliding into ditches. And i never want to do it again.

just sayin.

I love the snow. I love the cold. I love winter.

Why anyone would want to sweat in a hot climate using fake air conditioning to mimic cold, is beyond me. Why people have heaters in their cars or seat heaters or space heaters, is a mystery. Give me a clear day, 10 degrees, sunny with snow on the ground, and I am a happy camper. Born and raised in Michigan, I am. I love winter.

My friend Candy once called me a snow dancer because I am in flip flops in the middle of the winter. hahaha But, I had to correct her. I won’t walk(or dance) in snow with flip flops on…my wittle toes would freeze I don’t care how much I love the cold and snow and ice, I don’t want frozen footies! The only days in the summer I actually enjoy are the ones I spend at the lake or indoors in AC.

And Pam, I was born September 1970 :-)

I would not be able to live in the summer without air conditioning, which I do not think mimics cold, but is cold. I like the cold of winter, but hate hate hate the big snows. I would prefer fall weather all year round with chillier nights. But not fall this year…..70 degrees in November?

However, we are all different, which is what makes us interesting.

Becky, you were like two when i started college. Which makes me OLD. Seriously, as to climates, Albuquerque was my all time favorite- it got very cold in the winter- and had four seasons- but it almost never snowed. When it did snow it didn’t hang around long. As i age i really do find heat far easier to deal with than cold. And i really never want to have to deal with snow again.

And i do not have heaters in my car seats because i chose to have them there- they’re there because it was a used car. I am eternally amazed that any car company would send cars with heated seats here- however, i HAVE had some fun with them. One of my friends recently bought a luxury car- and she and a couple of folks were going somewhere- one of the passengers was one of those people who are always adjusting things in other people’s cars- and eventually she’s going “Linda, why is it getting hotter in here? i turned UP the AC?” and Linda said, “yeah, and you also turned ON the heated seats”.

and Jan, i am with you at least in the respect that it’s pretty cool to enjoy where you live. It’s good you have the kind of weather you really enjoy- and while i’d love to see nice pictures of snow and frosty breath- i do not want to have to wade through snow or breathe frosty breath.

i also think it’s very cool that you have cats. They make me sneeze and they terrify me for a variety of reasons, but i think they’re very pretty (especially one of yours). I just cannot live with them. I DO really love Kathie’s cat pictures, though, and the stories of the amusing things they do.

I am going to video the next time I can see my breath.

COOL!!! thank you.


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