18 Dec 2011, 1:10pm
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Pam Shares Christmas Lights in Florida!!!

What I love, and will tell Pam, is that she too says “OK” often. Love the video!

I cannot figure out how to embed this, so I will link it. Click on the title.

—-> Driving Miss Daisy

Wow! Those electric meters must be spinning with all that wattage! Lit up like day. Pam, what a great job you did, with music too. Very impressive.

the funny thing about that electric thing is that what you’re seeing is a relatively small neighborhood- it’s maybe six blocks total in a little sort of subdivision- maybe just a mile from my house. It’s been going on for years- enough years that i don’t know the history- but it’s gotten more involved every year since we’ve lived here- now EVERY house in the neighborhood has some decorations. I think that even if they do not want to decorate the neighborhood does it for them. I am not sure some of them get a choice about paying the extra electric bills.

i CAN tell you that i would not want to live there this month- there was a steady stream of pedestrian traffic- easily a hundred cars parked in a field at the start of the first street in- and LOUD children all over. There is a cop stationed at the start of the street to make sure nobody gets run over.

i am just sorry you cannot tell how GREEN everything is. And you do not get the overall effect of an entire neighborhood being lit with a small video camera. It’s really impressive in real life.

It is perfect!! I even heard a “Feliz Navidad!”

LOVED the video, Pam. It was an interesting switch to see.

Love the video! Especially love the palm trees all lit up and the kids yelling Feliz Navidad.

Great video! Looks very fun and festive!! :-)


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