25 Mar 2014, 10:35pm


Mother Nature has quite a sense of humor….

Not funny.

This is what we woke up to…








The wind is howling right now (10:30 PM), and there is something knocking against that house. I went out on the porch and moved some things, but every once in a while it does it again.

It is suppose to be in the sixties by the weekend. I just cannot wait.

After watching those wintry videaos I can say 2 things:
1. wow you got a lot of snow! We don’t even have that much new snow!
2. if you hadn’t sworn that you weren’t messing with us, I would have thought you posted the videos out of order. Really amazing that your weather is as crazy as Michigan’s.

okay, first i am glad it did not do that here.
the proper word for third-ary is tertiary.
the thing that amazes me about this blog is that in spite of two separate snows that would have had me cursing the universe and whatever powers may allegedly control the universe, YOU sounded cheerful. Hopefully it’s the end and we’re finally done with it.

I cannot believe the weather you are having. It was supposed to snow here last night and thank goodness it didn’t, nice and sunny. Spring and nice weather just can’t come fast enough for me.

okay, where is Norma? :) She is too busy digging herself out of the house to post anything. Missing your post.

I am here. I have been busy. I have been working in my house, trying to get it ready to sell. Hopefully by Easter I can have it on the market. Work has been busy too. I go home and am so tired that all I want to do is sleep.

I also think I am fighting a cold or sinus infection because of this stupid weather we are having. Cold one day, warm the next. Like yesterday, it was cold in the morning coming to work, then by lunch time it was freezing rain, then it turned to snow. Later in the afternoon, it was cold with the wind blowing. Now, this morning is it warm. My car temp said 50 degrees. The snow did not stay.

I am like everyone else – I want spring, now. Just think, Monday is the first Tiger baseball game here for this season. And we still have cold weather.

I think we will all welcome spring. The other day the sun was out, and I just stood there, because it was the first time the sun actually felt warm. Of course, it snowed the next day.

Norma, when you sell your house, where will you and Sparkle live?

I would like to move to the Commerce Township area (M5 and 14 or 15 Mile rds.) I want to get a condo because there is less work that I will have to do. Downsizing is so hard after being in one place for over 35 years.

Sorry you are feeling under the weather because of the darn weather but great to hear from you. I wish you well with the selling of your house and your right after living in a home for that many years you do accumulate certain things that you cherish and others you can just toss but it’s still hard work.

We got snow again last night. Not a lot, but the wind is still rather frightening. We just had shingles put back on our roof after the last even, now I am afraid to look. It was 60 yesterday, snowed and was cold last night, today is only only going to make it 50, but tomorrow 71. Crazy.

Will the sun ever shine again!?!?!?


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