15 Mar 2014, 9:28pm
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Oh, the signs of spring……

There are areas in Asheville where the dogwoods are already in bloom. However, we are too high in altitude to see that for a few weeks yet. Also, we do not have any dogwoods….hahahahahaha


Brando has decided that he once again loves the porch futon.

The sky is Carolina blue, and the trees are beginning to bud.

We are working on the yard, and will soon figure out how and where to put Ann’s rain chain.

I actually hung clothes out on the line. We have decided to make a real attempt to hang clothes out as often as possible.


The pussy willows are popping, and I think this is a pretty good photo.


Ann planted peas this afternoon, and she sent me this photo. It took two of us to fix the netting evenly, but the point of this story is that Pippin is not happy. He will eventually figure out how to get in there, I am betting. We have the netting because we have a lot of rabbits and even more crows.  Neither one of us wants to put effort into a garden so that the animals in the woods can have salad each day.



Oh….I have news….I have been invited to sell my soap at a craft fair at Lake Lure in May. I am flattered, but guess what….I need to get some soap made!!!  I will start on Monday.  I have had plans to make Mozzarella too. Hopefully, I will do that on Monday also. Photos to follow…for sure.

OMG! I love pussy willows. Love to pet them…so soft. The cardinal looks great and Brando sure looks comfy. Your cold frame for the peas looks really professional too.

How come no panties on the line or bras? That would make a great picture to share. Just kidding.

Wow your grass is green too. We are just starting to melt and whatever grass appears from under 4 months of snow, is grey/brown. Not pretty at all. They are using little bulldozers in Tiger Stadium to move the snow off the field so they can replant new sod for opening day, March 31. Bet it snows again before then!

There are three bras on the line, but no panties…..that is because I do not know if Ann or I own a white pair. We must though for wearing under white. But that was a light load, and they all would have been in the dark one.

Where to begin, Brando looks adorable. The blue sky is gorgeous and I love the picture of the pussy willows and Ann’s rain catcher looks really neat. I also love the colors of the couch on the porch.

Love the picture of the Cardinal.

Since I have been back from vacation, I feel like doing what Brando is doing. He is just relaxing in the warm weather. This might be his way of getting over cabin fever. Pippin just wants to play in the dirt because he saw you doing that. :)

Snow is starting to melt here. Hines is closed again because of flooding. Can’t wait till all the snow is gone and we have warm weather. After getting back from Florida (warm weather), I am even more wanting warm weather.

Spring is here. It is sunny. Photos to come!!!!

You may have spring, but here in Michigan, it is not. We can see some of the grass, even though it is brown and dirty looking. Streets are clear, but wet from the snow melting. Still a lot of large snow piles around my house and in the parking lots. At work, they were piling the snow up in one spot. The spot was about 12 feet high. Today, it is still high – about 6-7 feet. It is hard to see oncoming traffic at that location. They say we are to get some rain tomorrow. Hope it melts a lot of the snow. Robins are now showing up around my house. At work, there was a pair of Canadian geese, so you know spring is not far away.

Kathie – if you have any extra sun, please send it our way. :) We sure good use a lot of it.

I so not know where the time goes. I need to blog.

We had a beautiful day yesterday, mid sixties and sunny. It is suppose to be near 70 and sunny today, but after that it goes down hill. Rain and high forties tomorrow and a winter snow storm on Tuesday. I just hope it does not kill the buds that are already on the trees.

We shall wait patiently for your new blog and sunny pictures and yes I heard of the possible storm for Tuesday. Ugh, will it ever end!

I just heard someone say that if you cut pussy willow branches, DO NOT PUT THEM IN WATER and they will stay perfect indefinitely! I love them but they aren’t out here yet.


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