31 Mar 2014, 7:56am


There is hope….

What a winter we have all had. It was so cold on the trolley yesterday morning that I could see my breath for the first hour. It has snowed a bit during the night, and there were lots of areas in Asheville that were without power because of the horrific winds we had. The sun came out in the afternoon, and I actually took off one of the three layers I was wearing.

Today is a different story. It is suppose to be sunny and 70. We shall see. However, this was the sunrise this morning. I took it through a window because I was too lazy to go down the stairs and do it correctly, but it is my sign to all that I do honestly believe spring is here. I know the sunrise has nothing to do with spring, but just go along with me here.


And please no “Red sky at night…” stuff. lol

no red sky at night stuff from me. Someone told me that increasing red skies have a lot to do with the effects of air pollution and are no longer a sound weather indicator. I have no idea, but i almost like believing that sometimes. And besides, you aren’t going sailing. Anyway, i vote for it finally being spring. I have waited long enough.

I second the motion that Spring is very near and beautiful picture and you sure do get gorgeous sun rises at your mountain.

Beautiful picture, even thru glass. As for Spring….who knows? Opening day for the Tigers here and it will get to 60 but tomorrow will rain and get yucky.


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