They say it is spring….I say we are being tricked a bit

Even though we are suppose to get snow on Tuesday…..

I took photos of this daffodil everyday for two weeks….and that is what I got! One day it is sunny and in the sixties…the next it is miserable. It was a sunny trolley day today, but tomorrow it is suppose to be cold and rainy. I want a full spring!!!!

One day I am admiring the flowers that are beginning to pop… IMG_1085

The next day it is so cold and rainy that I have to make the soap on the front porch.


We were able to buy our first flat of strawberries at the farmers’ market. They are from Florida…but they are strawberries,and we are enjoying them. At the end of April we will get the South Carolina ones, and then in May they will be local. But then I will have had enough…lol. I will clean and freeze many, so that I can do jam later.


I love when squirrels sit up.


The chickens have decided that laying eggs on the ground is the best place, and this is where they have made a little nest. This is Misty Day, laying her daily egg.


Ann has started her garden, and she insisted that I help yesterday, so that I could say I planted carrots. The carrots are on the left, the peas are the row in the middle, and since this photo was taken, there is a row of beets on the right.


I apologize that I have not been diligent with the blog, but there seems to be so much going on. I was going to do a craft fair, so I have been making soap, but then I reconsidered. With the amount I have to pay to participate, the banner I would need to buy, and the money I would lose by not working that day, I decided I would be lucky if I broke even. So, I will do something else with the soap.

Remember those times I did a daily blog for almost a week? Well, keep remembering that. lolololol

yeah, the weather is up and down and freaking me out too. I don’t like it a bit and i cannot imagine it being good for growing seasons. Lots pf people around here didn’t get apple crops last year because the “spring” was a lot like this.

you might want to rethink the craft fair, or talk to some of the people who regularly go there. Often the day itself may be a pain but you can make amazing contacts. Just the opportunity to circulate a flyer with perhaps fundraising options like your school thing could be great. Advertising and making a name can be expensive, so i think if you can break even doing some of it it may be worth it.

I want Spring to be here and stay too! I love the pictures of the Daffodils. The strawberries sound delicious and you are going to have one great garden. I have to agree with Pam on maybe trying to sell your soaps and getting your name out there. I heard in the forecast snow for Tuesday, may the weather men bite their tongues. NO MORE SNOW, SPRING SPRING SPRING!!


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